We’re hearing some heartbreaking news from California regarding one of the best prospects in the 2021 NBA draft. Former Kentucky Wildcat wing Terrence Clarke was killed in a car accident in California, according to multiple media reports.

There is no further information on this sobering and sad news. However, other rumors suggest that Brandon Boston, a former Kentucky teammate and a 2021 NBA draft prospectus, was in the car behind Clarke at the time of the accident. These reports are currently unconfirmed and no information is available on the status of Boston.

“WKYT has confirmed that former British basketball player Terrence Clarke has died in Los Angeles,” reported WKYT, a subsidiary of CBS Sports in Kentucky, on Thursday. “Sources report that WKYT Clarke and BJ Boston left training in LA. We learned that Clarke died on the way to the hospital. Boston was reportedly in a car behind him. We don’t know exactly what happened. ”

To say this is absolutely tragic news would be an understatement. Clarke was a top 8 Massachusetts recruit in 2020 and was only 19 years old. He became involved in Kentucky after receiving offers from Boston College, Duke, Memphis, Texas Tech, and UCLA.

As a newcomer to Kentucky, Clarke averaged 9.6 points, 2.6 rebounds and 2.0 assists with 41% shots from the field. He was expected to make it into the top 20 in the 2021 NBA draft.

Our thoughts are obviously with the Clarke family, the Kentucky Wildcat community, and those close to the young man during these difficult times.