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New Delhi [India]June 17th (ANI / India PR Distribution): Yoga is the path to perfection and to attaining a higher form of knowledge and spiritual peace. Today yoga is one of the most popular healthy living habits around the world.
This ancient Indian science enables you to achieve relaxation on both a physical and an emotional level. Yoga is one of the simplest physical activities and anyone can do it, regardless of age or physical fitness.
Countless studies have shown that using a range of yoga poses, asanas, and proper breathing techniques will help improve your emotional health and general wellbeing. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to adapt to new working conditions, making yoga a means of prevention and an alternative to treating neurotic disorders.
The vast arsenal of yoga practices related to maintaining health has become the basis for its popularization around the world.
World Yoga Day is celebrated every year on June 21st, and on this grand occasion, the Neeraj Clinic has announced that it will start yoga with a holistic treatment program. The Neeraj Clinic has been treating patients since 1985 and has treated more than 156,000 patients worldwide to date.

As discussions about health needs, treatment modalities, clinical services and access to care for epilepsy patients have become more urgent.
“Epilepsy affects a person’s physical and mental state as well as their social life,” says Dr. Gupta, director of the Neeraj Clinic.
Neeraj Clinic is one of three facilities approved by the Government of India for full Ayurvedic treatment for epilepsy.
“In continuation of our efforts to help epileptic patients maintain their physical and mental health during these trial periods, the Neeraj Clinic has launched a week-long yoga and holistic treatment program,” says Dr. Gupta, director of the Neeraj Clinic.

Dr. Gupta is Ayurvedacharya and has 45 years of experience in epilepsy treatment.
Yoga offers an ancient, but surprisingly modern, approach to treating seizures. In Ayurveda, epilepsy is called Apasmara, which means “loss of body awareness”. Ancient Indian texts, the Vedas, describe four types of epilepsy and nine diseases that cause seizures in children. In the treatment of epilepsy, physical yoga practice aims to restore the balance (union) between the aspects of a person’s health that cause seizures. Yoga is one of the oldest formal practices designed to restore this balance.
Asanas help restore balance to the body and its metabolic systems. Practicing asana increases physical endurance and calms the nervous system. Asanas improve blood circulation, breathing, and concentration, and reduce the chances of having a seizure. These exercises also help improve your health-related quality of life
“The Neeraj Clinic aims to help patients with epilepsy live a life without epilepsy that is full of hope, dreams, skills and motivation,” said Dr. Gupta, director of the Neeraj Clinic.
The Neeraj Clinic also offers free examinations and medication to less privileged patients who have difficulty getting treatment for epilepsy due to high costs.
Stress is a known trigger for seizures. Dhyana, or meditation, is one of the best ways to calm the mind and thus heal the body. Meditation also helps in improving blood circulation and slowing down the production of stress hormones. Meditation also increases levels of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, which are known to calm your nervous system. In addition, the practice of relaxation techniques like yoga meditation is known to help combat epilepsy episodes.
Neeraj Clinic, based in the holy city of Rishikesh, is a world renowned name for epilepsy treatment. Her book on epilepsy has been referenced in over 240 medical universities in India and abroad. The Neeraj Epilepsy Clinic has received various recognitions and awards for its contribution in the Indian Ayurveda field and in the medical field. Ayurvedic doctors with years of experience treating epilepsy have partnered with Neeraj Clinic to fulfill the dream of epilepsy-free India. Visit for more information.
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