Ujjain: The New Education Policy (NEP) -2020 is not a normal document, but it will ensure a prosperous future for the country. NEP is particularly concerned with the holistic development of young people. It will encourage creativity and logical thinking, and inspire youth to acquire knowledge in their preferred field.

This was stated by Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Pandey, Vice Chancellor of Vikram University, who was the main guest of the Professor Tapan Choure Orientation Lecture organized by the Ministry of Economics of the late Nagulal Malviya Government College in Ghattiya.

The special guest of the Maharishi Panini Sanskrit program and the responsible registrar of Vedic University, Dr. Prashant Puranik said nationwide efforts must be made for smooth and holistic implementation of NEP.

The special guest and museum director of Vikram University, Dr. Raman Solanki said that the nature of the country’s education should match the type of civil society and nation we want to create.

The program was led by Dr. PS Panwar, the executive director in charge. The program was led by Dr. Shekhar Madamwar and Dr. Pk Vyas thanked them.

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