CHANDIGARH: The newly created post of additional deputy commissioner (urban development) in all 23 districts will further improve the efficiency of the functioning of the city local authorities and strengthen coordination with the district administration to ensure holistic urban development in the country, the chief secretary said Ms. Vini Mahajan here today.

The chief secretary chaired an initial induction meeting with the additional deputy commissioners (urban development) in the presence of the deputy commissioners here and said that 23 posts of additional deputy commissioner (urban development) have been created, one at each district headquarters in place of the regional deputy director local government (DDLGs) that have been abolished. The ADCs (UD) will also be ex officio additional CEOs of the PWSSB.

When welcoming the newly appointed officials, Ms. Mahajan instructed the deputy commissioners to provide all newly appointed staff with adequate office space and the necessary staff, mainly consisting of MIS and IT experts, SWM, sewage specialists and deputy program officers (Housing) and (NULM), to make available to appointed ADCs in their respective districts.

The Chief Secretary urged all new ADCs to carry out the redevelopment projects for urban slums under Basera, PUEIP-I, II and III, AMRUT, Swachh Bharat Mission, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), PMSAVnidhi and other urban development programs to ensure their timely Ensure completion, quality control and proper use of funds.

The various powers that have been delegated to the ADCs (UD) under the Punjab Municipal Act have been notified by the Chief Secretary of Local Government, Ajoy Kumar Sinha, to the Chief Secretary that all decisions of the Class II and III municipal councils will be dealt with by them and while for Class I ward councils and any improvement trusts in the district, resolutions are forwarded to the Director Local Government for approval. The municipal improvement trusts in the cities of the municipal utilities will send their decisions directly to the director of local government, he added.

You will lead the project oversight and review committee to oversee ongoing work and coordinate with the government and other departments to allocate land for the construction of MPS, STP, WTP, OHSR and pipe wells. These officials are also responsible for resolving and coordinating complaints and claims from public and local elected officials, he said.

The Chief Secretary pointed out that most of the services in the urban local authorities such as collecting water and sewage charges, property tax, issuing permits, approving construction plans and public remedies have been carried out online, the new ADC needs a serious effort to regularly monitor these services.

Stressing that solving public grievances to the satisfaction of the complainants must be resolved on a day-to-day basis to the satisfaction of the complainants, Ms. Mahajan instructed district officials to prioritize the problem of waterlogging in the low-lying areas of the cities and every effort should be made for one Early disposal of the rainwater that accumulates in order to alleviate public emergencies.
Given that the current Covid situation was satisfactory as the state’s daily positivity rate hit a new low of 0.3 percent, the Chief Secretary asked the new ADCs to continuously monitor the health facilities available in the urban areas for better ones Ensure services and review any increase in future Covid cases.

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