Tel Aviv, Israel – (BUSINESS WIRE) – MDGO, a leading provider of accident detection and response (ADR) technology, today announced new research showing consumers expect an improved customer experience with automated services from insurers. The survey of 1,000 US consumers found that 65% of drivers fear that technology brought into a vehicle by insurers will be used to spy on their behavior and ultimately increase premiums. However, 75% would be willing to automatically share vehicle accident information if it could be used for lifesaving efforts. In fact, more than half of consumers (64%) would switch insurers if a transportation company had the technology to save lives in the event of an accident. The statistics show that personal attention in the event of a minor or serious car accident is an important factor in customer loyalty and loyalty.

According to the survey, in the event of an accident, 81% of consumers would find it helpful to have an insurer notified immediately and be directed to the nearest or best tow truck or garage to save time and money, especially in a moment of need . 78% also said they would prefer detailed accident information to be available that could be shared directly with their insurance company to report an accident or during the claims process. The ability to know what happened in real time, such as automatically submitting data on personal injury and damage to the vehicle, is critical to delivering the personal care and services that drivers are demanding. In contrast to UBI (Usage Based Insurance) technology, with ADR user data is never continuously stored or passed on to an insurance company. Only at the time of an accident is information automatically transmitted to the insurer, which supports the driver in accident management and ensures that the data is reported to the provider in real time.

The study also found that 78% of respondents would be willing to share accident data in the event of a wreck to improve their overall experience. Because ADR notifies insurers at the time of an accident, the technology automatically gives first responders vital information about the nature and severity of the injuries and prepares them fully for any life-saving measures that may need to be taken in the event of a response. ADR technology enables insurers to put drivers first by focusing on health and safety and delivering personalized experiences. At the same time, the damage costs are reduced by the automatic initial reporting of losses (FNOL), whereby the services within the network connected to the insurer are optimized and ultimately a reduction in the loss rate is achieved. ADR technology also automatically exchanges third-party accident data so that insurers can proactively involve the other party with a stronger defense after an accident, if necessary, without any privacy concerns.

“Consumer demand for improved experiences is driving change in different industries – and auto insurance is no exception. With hundreds of freight forwarders, insurers must deliver on the promise of personalized service while maintaining competitive premium costs in order to attract and retain customers, ”said Itay Bengad, CEO and Co-Founder of MDGO. “Although the shift to direct consumers is underway, drivers still value tailored care when it comes to loyalty. ADR creates a coordination between policyholders and insurers to ensure personalization without the added element of a middleman. This provides consumers with unmatched service, while insurers also benefit from the automatic FNOL and the ability to regain control of claims costs. ”

As the insurance industry moves towards direct-to-consumer service, insurers need to offer personalized attention to improve the insurer-customer relationship and ensure increased customer loyalty. To learn more about ADR, please visit

About the study

This survey was conducted through Dynata and targeted 1,000 US consumers over the age of 18.

About MDGO

MDGO is the market leader in Accident Detection & Response (ADR), a solution that saves insurers money, enables competitive pricing, while providing data to save drivers’ lives. The advanced ADR technology is designed to keep the customer experience at the forefront of auto insurance. It enables insurers to automatically offer hyper-personalized services to drivers, based on their specific needs, when they need help most, throughout their insurance period. Detailed, objective damage and injury reports are sent to insurers at the time of impact. They provide them with information to drastically reduce loss rates while providing personalized services that increase customer loyalty and loyalty. Save MDGO driver. Drive savings.