By NATHAN HOWELL | Employed author

HELENA – Dr. Aileen Szabo was greeted by city guides, entrepreneurs and members of the community when a ribbon was cut for her new Helena Pure Chiropractic office.

Szabo has been a practicing chiropractor for more than 25 years. She attended the University of PR and Mercer University and the Life University School of Chiropractic, where she received her PhD in Chiropractic in 1995.

Szabo’s goal was to open her own office in a community-oriented but also high-growth area, which is why she moved her family from Atlanta to Helena.

“I am so happy to be here in Helena,” said Szabo. “I chose Helena two years ago when I first came to visit. It beat every other city in the southeast when we tried to move away from Atlanta. We are very happy to serve such a community. That’s how I used to practice in Marietta. “

Through her experience, Szabo hopes to provide the region with a wide range of services including fitting, laser therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and training. Her practice was set up to provide services to people in need of chiropractic services for sports, personal injury, car accident injuries, disability rehabilitation, and referrals to specialist providers.

While this is the official opening of the office, Szabo held a tentative opening a few months ago and has already treated many in the area, including many high school athletes who she said helped her bond with the community more strongly to have.

“You have a great community that loves to be here. The students I met in high school are already missing the idea of ​​having to leave Helena at some point to go to college, ”she said. “That says a lot about the school, the people and the city. I am very happy to be here and hope to be able to serve you for a very long time. “

The feeling was mutual when Helena’s Mayor, Brian Puckett Szabo, officially welcomed her staff and her practice to town.

“First and foremost, congratulations on your success,” said Puckett. “The city welcomes you and we are always here to do everything we can to help you. We want to make sure that you are successful in this community. It is the community around us that makes Helena great and you are now part of it. “

Helena Pure Chiropractic already offers services to people in the area. To make an appointment or to learn more about the office’s services, visit the website.