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New courses being supplied in Roanoke to assist mothers deal with stress higher by means of holistic self care


ROANOKE, VA. (WDBJ) – A nurse who has mentored holistic self-care offers mothers new ways to better connect with each other and with themselves.

Jen Marie Cliff founded the JMC Healing & Wellness Academy with the aim of helping other mothers like yourself who are struggling with stress.

At WellNest Roanoke, Cliff plans to offer studio classes to give mothers the tools they need to de-escalate those anxious moments.

“When you’re in a very stressful situation, just out with your toddler or in public, the point is to take this moment and take a breath,” says Cliff.

Learning how to take this breath is only one element.

Cliff works to empower mothers through holistic self-care and spirituality.

“Because the real goal is to teach mothers practical techniques and really teach their children. Because, as I’d like to say, when you strengthen the mother, you strengthen the family, ”says Cliff.

The academy offers a variety of offers.

The so-called Vision Quests will open in April.

Cliff describes them as self-focused classes that use guided meditation, along with something you might not find particularly relaxing, the sound of drums.

“It really helps the mothers to use the sound of the drums to specifically reduce this stress, reduce this fear of going to a very safe place, but I also call a medicine place,” she says.

Cliff says the Sacred Circle is another class that will begin later this year.

It is a 12 week program for women only and will cover specific topics each week.

“More than ever, we all need practical and creative ways to reduce the stress and anxiety we all feel, not just as individuals but as a community,” says Cliff.

Cliff says that maintaining good self-care requires practice.

For them, it’s about building resilience and becoming a better mother in the process.

“When you fill your cup, you can be there for your child and be present. Be calmer instead of just reacting and yelling at him when he drives you crazy, ”says Cliff.

You can reach Cliff on social media, as well as on her website.

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