A new health care company, ArchWell Health, plans to offer Medicare-eligible seniors in medically underserved neighborhoods in the United States holistic primary health care. The establishment of the company reflects both a move in the industry to provide tailored services for senior citizens at home and the growth of risk-based care models, according to industry experts.

In an announcement Tuesday, ArchWell Health outlined its plans to open 15 centers this fall, with each facility having six times fewer patients per panel than the current national average and doctors specially trained to care for the elderly. In addition, services include transportation, 24-hour and same-day access to appointments, specialty and ancillary services, on-site prescription drugs, social workers, and nutritionists.

“Seniors often have complex medical and social problems, and a holistic approach to care helps address their individual needs,” said Dr. Michael Lipp, Chief Medical Officer at ArchWell Health. “The centers will be safe meeting places for seniors to network socially and take part in activities such as exercise classes. We know how important social connection and activity can be in this population. “

“Our goal is to build long-term relationships to monitor and respond to physical and emotional needs for the best quality of life,” added Carl Whitmer, Co-Founder and CEO.

The new company’s mission makes sense given market forces, two industry watchers told McKnight’s Home Care Daily.

Robert G. Kramer

“The introduction of ArchWell is part of a growing trend focused on adapting care for Medicare-eligible seniors, serving as a scaled-down version of the Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) models that provide daytime care for adults in community centers for senior citizens with dual entitlements (Medicare and Medicaid) while offering an upgraded version of a traditional doctor’s visit by providing educational opportunities for the elderly, “said Bob Kramer, co-founder and strategic advisor of the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care and founder and Fellow at Nexus Insights.

Kramer forecast more bespoke models for seniors, “with slight differences, but all targeting the same demographic group.”

Ann Tumlinson, CEO of ATI Advisory, noted that the Archwell Concept is part of a risk-taking initiative for home health companies.

Anne Tumlinson

“The growth in models like Archwell,” said Tumlinson, “is likely due to the increased ability to contract Medicare Advantage for these risk-based contracts, as well as the CMS Direct Contracting demonstration program that is now being rolled out to primary care providers the ability to provide financial incentives as a risk-based payment for the significant portion of their population who do not enroll for Medicare Advantage. “

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