The Newtown Doctor takes a holistic approach to helping COVID-19 long-distance drivers

A Newtown doctor says she brings relief to long-distance COVID-19 drivers through holistic treatment.

For many people, COVID lasts a few weeks and then there are so-called long-distance drivers. People who got COVID last year and are still having symptoms. It’s a disease that won’t go away. A local doctor believes she may have a solution. “It was the best day,” said Rico Rodriguez. He remembers the day he was given a clean health certificate after 47 days in the hospital. The cell phone video shows how he leaves the hospital for rehab and is cheered on by employees. He was free from COVID-19.

“I was alive, right? That was the blessing,” he said. It was March 26, 2020 when Rico left his Yardley home for the emergency room.

“I had a fever. It hit like 103,104 in and out,” he said. Rico was put on a ventilator.

“I woke up 37 days later. I slept through the month of April,” he said.

After overcoming things like kidney failure, liver, gallbladder problems and other ailments, COVID still had him under control.

“This is an ongoing problem that I deal with every day,” he said. Rico is a long distance driver. Someone who has symptoms of COVID long after beating the virus.

“I just go up one flight of stairs and just have to slow down and go up and down. I sway. My doctor said my muscle strength will never return to 100% and I get tired faster,” he said.

FOX 29’s Shawnette Wilson learned about a doctor in Newtown who was trying to help people like Rico, who suffer in silence with no treatment. Because little is known about the long-term effects of COVID.

“It’s a thing. Unfortunately, it’s a really big thing,” said Dr. Lori Gerber. She is a state-certified doctor who specializes in non-traditional wellness.

“I’ve received several calls from people diagnosed with Covid who are still having symptoms,” she said. Symptoms such as chronic cough, brain fog, chest tightness, and persistent loss of taste and smell, to name a few.

“They can’t function every day, they can’t do their jobs effectively, and parenting becomes difficult. There are so many things. I think the frustration is very high,” said Dr. Lori.

She also points out that it is unclear whether the COVID bug that is causing the persistent symptoms is still present, or whether it is a chronic inflammatory process made worse by COVID, or both.

“If we can’t reset the system or actually shut down the system, you can’t feel better. I think that’s key and it’s definitely holistic. We’re talking about things that are very natural,” she said as she shows Wilson some of the treatments she uses in protocols for her patients to aid in organ cleansing.

“Ways that the switched on light switch can be turned off so that we can really calm the immune system and calm the inflammatory system with various vitamins and supplements,” said Dr. Lori.

She believes that patients will see improvement in at least three to six months without prescription drugs.

“There are really only a few things that pharmacologically turn this off. And the safety profile of these things is not very good, especially in the long term, and what I see in long-distance drivers is not a short-term solution,” said Dr. Lori.

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