A northeast postwoman has traded the hustle and bustle of her morning round for the slower vocation of holistic therapy to help those feeling anxious during lockdown.

Vickie Robson, a former postie from Turriff, has retrained as a strategic life coach and master of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to “shed some light on the darkness of lockdown.”

The 41-year-old says her new qualification couldn’t have come at a better time as more and more people struggled with anxiety, stress and depression amid the ongoing pandemic and the coronavirus stalemate.

“I’ve always been into meditation and mindfulness,” she said. “During the lockdown last year, I came across EFT and completed my master’s practitioner course online as well as my strategic life coach training.

“It’s very effective for helping people and those who don’t want to take medication.

“We’re trying to pull back the layers of why they feel the way they feel. If you ask the right questions, you will get to the root cause of a person’s depression, stress, or anxiety, and most of the time the reason they give you first isn’t the real reason at all.

“Once we find the cause, we will know which EFT prescription should be used to help them.”

Similar to acupuncture, EFT focuses on energy hotspots between the head and chest, so-called meridian points, to restore the balance of body energy.

It is believed that restoring this energy balance through finger tapping and breathing can relieve symptoms caused by a negative experience or emotion.

“I teach people how to open up themselves,” added Yorkshire-born Miss Robson.

“They are techniques that anyone can use anywhere, which is great especially at this time when people’s anxiety is going through the roof. Many people have lost their jobs or their loved ones or do not see their families.

“Stress is one of the biggest killers. It is a disease and if your body stays in a stressful state it can never repair itself. “

This new calling is a far cry from her old jobs in oil and gas and more recent rounds of mail.

She said. “I’ll do that for myself. What a difference does it make when you do something you love. I help people and I get really good results. “

© EVENING EXPRESS Vickie Robson, pictured with her dog Daisy.

A general typing recipe can be used anytime, anywhere and only takes five to 10 minutes. However, the sessions last about an hour. Miss Robson has posted free videos on Facebook to walk people through therapy until personal treatment can begin.

“Our bodies are all energy and it flows around,” she said. “With tapping we restore energy and set blockages flowing again. In the meantime, the breathing techniques are also a way to calm you down. “

She encourages people to try holistic therapies to connect with their emotions during a time of high stress during the pandemic.

“I know that a lot of people don’t come to us and want medication for depression and that they have nowhere else to go,” she added. “People think holistic therapies are courting and not working. I’m trying to find out that they work in so many ways.

“I hope that in all the darkness it gets a little bit light and people are encouraged to get out and something they want to grow on their own – especially when we live under more restrictions each week.”

Check out some of Miss Robson’s free sessions on VR Strategic Life Coach’s Facebook page.