One woman praised all those who came to her aid when she stumbled and fell and broke her leg on a popular coastal path.

Alison Haines of Maidstone, Kent was vacationing Cornwall with her husband Rob Haines when they paid for a day trip to Lantic Bay between Fowey and Polperro last week.

It is a place that the couple had visited umpteen times and they say they have always treated the coast carefully, wore sensible shoes and were careful.

But the 53-year-old, who works in a law firm, couldn’t foresee the hit on Tuesday, July 6, in which she fell and broke her shin and fibula within minutes of starting the walk to Lantic Bay cause her ankle.

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The two were on their vacation four days and spent the remainder of that at Derriford Hospital, which she praised, thanking NHS staff for their attentive care and support.

“We just walked across the parking lot and the field and then we were on the walk to the beach and it happened right there,” she said.

“My leg fell one way and my foot fell the other,” she said. “I broke my tibia and fibula and damaged my ankle.”

The tibia and fibula are the two bones that make up the lower leg, and Ms. Haines expects at least three months in recovery.

A picture Rob took when his wife was evacuated at the Devon Air Ambulance

“A lady whose name I didn’t understand who was the nurse heard my screaming and she was an absolute star and stayed with me until the ambulance got there,” she said.

“I would like to thank everyone who helped me before and after my operation and all the staff at Derriford Hospital. They all made this terrible accident a little more bearable.

“Everyone was just brilliant and we were in the hospital talking to volunteers who worked there and I had such fantastic treatment and I am so grateful to everyone.”

Alison Haines, 53, was on vacation in Cornwall with husband Rob Haines, 57, when she suffered a terrible fall at Lantic Bay near Fowey.

She slipped on a muddy path and praised a crime scene nurse who called ambulance and kept her warm while they waited for the ambulance.

She hopes to find the person seeking help so that she can thank her personally.

“She did all of this for me and I don’t even know her name,” she said, because she was in too much pain at the time to even think about it. “

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