It operates Health Now Minnesota from the Healing Hub office at 4 115 Willow Street West.

Boehm, 28, specializes in hormone replacement therapy and weight loss, but offers services for everything from diabetes to depression, from fever, cough and cold to insomnia, asthma and acne.

After graduating from the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND in 2015, she worked primarily in the hospital for five years. During her full-time work, she was able to become a nurse again and graduated in 2020 as a nurse from Simmons University in Boston with a Master of Science in nursing.

But Böhm has been heavily influenced in her career goals by two nurses who run the independent Anova Family Health Clinic in Watford City, ND – the city where Böhm grew up.

“I did my clinics there,” she said. “It was really cool to have the experience of seeing a private practice and how they do things differently (big health companies back then).” For example, the independent partners had to learn how to do their own marketing and insurance coding.

Boehm partially models her own practice, a mixture of holistic and standard medicine, based on the practices of the Anova Clinic.

“They only offer the best holistic care, but they also practice science and follow health guidelines,” she said.

Ashli ​​Boehm, a nurse, has opened an independent practice in Detroit Lakes.  (Photo submitted)

Ashli ​​Boehm, a nurse, has opened an independent practice in Detroit Lakes. (Photo submitted)

Boehm is certified in advanced cardiovascular life support, required for registered nurses working in intensive care or with adults, and certified in advanced pediatric life support, required for RNs working with pediatric patients.

Her business partner is Mick Peterson, a nurse who owns and operates Health Now, a Bismarck-based telemedicine company that provides unlimited virtual primary care to businesses.

Boehm strives for personalized care, and that means combining different perspectives with careful consideration of evidence-based practices in order to build trust and ensure holistic care for patients.

She works closely with a compound pharmacy (Dakota Pharmacy in Bismarck) to offer pure, bespoke medicine.

With hormone replacement therapy, for example, the pharmacy “offers either pumped foam, cream, or gel, whatever you prefer,” she said. “The patient applies it to himself – there are far fewer side effects than with oral hormone replacement.” The pharmacy owner has worked on hormone replacement therapy for decades. “He’s brilliant,” she said. “He is my contact person.”

She also uses the compound pharmacy for other medications, such as more natural options for thyroid disease.

“If people get side effects from (prescription) drugs they are taking now, they can come to me and I can get the compound pharmacy to make them clean with no fillers.”

Pain cream can also be made in the pharmacy. “(Most) providers don’t give patients this option,” she said. The same goes for migraine and insomnia creams. “There are a lot of different things you can do,” she said. “Really, you can mix and match any drug with them.”

Boehm said that by partnering with Health Now, she will be able to offer personalized, affordable, and easily accessible care.

“We started preparation in December and opened on February 1st,” she said. She currently has personal office hours on Mondays and offers telemedicine at other times during the week. From Tuesday to Thursday, she practices obesity medicine in Fargo, with a focus on weight loss and dietary treatment for metabolic disorders.

She and her husband, Stefan Boehm, who owns Lighthouse Construction and Beacon Restoration, have lived in Detroit Lakes for three years. They have a 2 year old son, Oliver, and are expecting another child.

Health Now Minnesota phone number is 218-416-4669 (HNOW).

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