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Talent development has always been a key strategic priority for AIA. Since the beginning of its history in 1919, AIA has viewed talent and leadership development as an integral part of its business. AIA Hong Kong and Macau (AIA) care for a high-performing culture with care and respect and seek to promote a learning culture that supports the development of the key skills and disruptive mindset of their employees. This creates a solid foundation to help them succeed in their current roles and provides a platform for meaningful, long-term careers at AIA.

Holistic approach to promoting talent at all levels

AIA takes a holistic approach to learning and development, where knowledge and skills are accumulated from experience in the workplace, collaborative projects, internal transfer opportunities, structured classrooms and over 8000 digital learning courses supported by other activities, including day-to-day coaching.

The company continuously invests in its employees through development programs for various levels, for example the flagship program SPRINT Leadership Development. SPRINT extends over 1.5 years and is a strategic commitment that teaches executives to think and act like managing directors. The modules focus on leadership, disruptive thinking, collaboration, and more. As part of the AIA Emerging Talent Learning curriculum, participants will learn how to lead themselves effectively and will be educated about the importance of an agile collaboration strategy in today’s digital landscape. Another key initiative is the Manager Learning Curriculum, which promotes leadership foundations that empower and motivate team members to achieve route goals with high quality results.

Choosing the right strategy and connecting with the right people always leads to the best results. While AIA builds a strong talent pipeline for succession planning, three key aspects of leadership are always at the heart of how it works: clarity, courage, and humanity. To ensure that its programs effectively meet the needs of its talents, AIA uses its annual employee review to identify individual development needs and to design its executive development curriculum.

Driving a step change with TDA

Throughout 2020, AIA continued to develop its talents virtually, supported by new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. In addition, a new learning platform “Curiosity Lab” was launched. Driven by TDA – Technology, Digital and Analytics – ‘Curiosity Lab’ offers new initiatives to pilot new learning solutions to promote the TDA mindset among colleagues.

Looking ahead, AIA will continue to gradually change the TDA to drive the next transformation and invest in its people to ensure that AIA is a simpler, faster and more connected organization than ever before.

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