NuSpine recently announced that it had sold 73 area agency licenses in seven states in the past four months.

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The brand of professional, affordable and convenient clinics coupled with more personalized services – including hydrotherapy massage tables – sets it apart from the competition.

The increase in investment in the chiropractic room can be attributed to the increased demand for chiropractic treatments since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With millions of people displaced and working from home in often cramped, inconvenient, and temporary or makeshift workplaces, musculoskeletal disorders such as back and neck pain have steadily increased (according to the American Chiropractic Association).

NuSpine Extension Timeline

  • August: A group of existing NuSpine franchisees, VAWN, LLC, acquired ten Area Representative (AR) licenses in Nevada, followed by 16 AR licenses acquired in Arizona by Dr. Marvin Lee.
  • September: An investment group in Georgia secured 16 AR licenses in addition to a 21 AR license acquisition in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area through Joe Miller by Gatmill.
  • October: NuSpine sells ten AR licenses for an area that includes the state Nebraska, a serving of Southwest Iowa, and Northwest Missouri.

The regional representatives of the NE territory, Richard Rees and his partner, Dustin Sparks, believe in the NuSpine concept with all your heart. Mr. Rees was one of The Joint Corp’s original equity partners. and served on the Board of Directors from 2010 to 2014. Mr. Sparks owns a digital marketing strategy firm and has previously owned multiple clinics for The Joint, including one of the top-selling clinics in Austin, Texas. He was also a member of the Joint’s Marketing Advisory Committee for five years.

Praise from franchise investors

DR. Marvin Lee: “Having been in the practice since 1998, I have seen many different models of chiropractic. The NuSpine concept appealed to me as it offers world-class customizations of chiropractic and other services that are both affordable and convenient for patients are.”

Joe Miller: “The idea of ​​seeing a chiropractor in less than twenty minutes and at a low, reasonable cost is needed these days. People are busy and looking for care that allows them to feel great on a budget and on a tight schedule NuSpine makes this possible in a fascinating way. Great layout. Simple systems. A proven model in a proven industry. “

Richard Rees: “We have seen firsthand the benefits of convenient, affordable chiropractic services. We also know from our ownership in other similar concepts that NuSpine is a better approach. We are very impressed with NuSpine’s increased patient focus at all levels. The decision A The NuSpine team was a factor in our commitment, from the first adaptation to Dr. Todd Hedlund, to which already from Aaron Hedlund, on the experience of the corporate support team, on the fact that John Leonesio (Former Founder of Massage Envy and CEO of The Joint Corp.) sits on NuSpine’s board of directors. ”

About NuSpine Chiropractic

DR. Todd Hedlund founded NuSpine Chiropractic in 2013. After opening nearly 23 successful chiropractic clinics in his 33-year career in the industry, he used his extensive know-how and knowledge in chiropractic to launch the NuSpine Experience. NuSpine continues to seek entrepreneurs, area representatives and seasoned franchisees across the country who understand the benefits of an emerging brand and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality chiropractic care to every patient.

Media contact:
Aaron Hedlund, COO, NuSpine Chiropractic
402-.975.2500 | [email protected]

SOURCE NuSpine Franchise Systems, LLC

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