BAY SHORE, NY (CBSNewYork) – It’s a remarkable survival story: a mother of teenage triplets had three brain aneurysms. Thanks to the most modern surgery, her life was saved.

“It was divine intervention,” said Yaphank’s Judith Tedesco. Tedesco, a mother of 17-year-old triplets, accidentally discovered she was in acute medical danger.

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“I woke up on New Years Day and noticed a slight pain on the side of my nose,” she said. A mild facial infection resulted in a CAT scan.

“’You have three brain aneurysms. We’re moving you to right now [South Shore Hospital]’”She remembered.

Specialists at South Shore University Hospital saw the urgency. “Rupturing an artery in the brain is extremely dangerous business, and of the 70% that are alive, half of it could be disabled,” said Dr. David Chalif, Chair of Neurosurgery at South Shore University Hospital.

Tedesco had no acute headache or kidney disease warning signs, but it fell into three other important categories: over 50, female, and smoker. “It can start any second. I drive in my car with my children, whatever, it can happen at any time, ”she said.

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Tedesco underwent microsurgical clipping of two of her aneurysms and then a craniotomy. Three months later, she had a state-of-the-art embolization of her third aneurysm. “It’s like a netball… It’s like being put in the sac of the aneurysm and it completely obstructs the flow. You don’t want aneurysms to rupture, ”said Dr. Ina Teron Molina.

Your triplets think their mother is wearing a test of courage.

“I’ve got a scar over my head and they say, oh, ma, you look like an avatar!” said Tedesco.

As medical science advances, routine screening for brain aneurysms with non-invasive tests that save lives before rupturing may be years away. “It all adds up to a triumph,” said Khalif.

“I am blessed. Apparently there is more for me to do on this earth,” added Tedesco.

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Tedesco can be mom again without pain and fear.