How can we take care of ourselves a little more now?

The answers can vary: meditation, cooking something nutritious and nourishing, yoga, journaling – and all right. Still, the wellness field is largely untapped, and you may not be introduced to a whole world of holistic approaches or wellbeing yet. Then you might ask, where do we start looking?

We found the answer last year at Supparetreat in Bali where we met Jasmine Aliya Ho and Joylyn Koh. The two friends are also business partners who together founded ohmBOX, a monthly themed wellness box with crystals and other alternative methods of self-healing.

Jasmine (left) and Joy (right), the founders of Malaysia’s first subscription wellness box, ohmBOX.

Each box is different and follows topics such as “Goals”, “Freeing up space” and “Protection”. ohmBOX was also founded with the intention of partnering with small local businesses in the holistic niche market to provide them with a platform to promote healing and spirituality, such as Practical Magick by Rhiannon and its natural hand-rolled incense sticks and herbal remedies by Nadiiku Natural Solution .

Prestige talks to Joy and Jasmine about their personal self-care journeys that ultimately led to ohmBOX for everyone and what’s next for 2021.

Fluorite crystals from ohmBOX.

What does self-care mean to you?

Joy: Self-care means being aware that you need time to grow or develop in any way. And it’s different for everyone. You don’t have to do yoga, meditate, be vegan, or travel the world. Self-care simply means taking the time to do things that will make your soul shine.

How do you practice self-care in your life?

Joy: I put on a face mask, put my phone on silent mode, and watch a favorite TV series – crime and comedy!

Jasmine: As soon as the child is asleep, I am with my face mask in everyday life (I can finally relax, being a mother is a 24-hour job) and then I light an incense stick and enjoy a nice cup of organic green tea or my homemade June tea , it’s Kombucha’s champagne.


The anniversary OhmBOX.

How can we use this time at home to connect with ourselves?

Joy: When we are at home, we can appreciate what we often take for granted in the midst of a hectic lifestyle. It’s the simple things of being healthy and enjoying family company with a roof over your head.

Would you say that you had a spiritual awakening and how was that experience for you?

Joy: I’ve always been a forgiving person with a big big or go home mentality. If it’s not a new business idea, it would be another travel destination to explore or another party to attend. I’ve never allowed myself to have a quiet time to be alone with my thoughts. When I finally did and opened up to healing and forgiveness through meditation, I accepted that I was finally going to shed my old skin and transform.

Jasmine: I only started this journey a few years ago, it wasn’t planned and, like Joy, I’ve never allowed myself to have a quiet time to be alone with my thoughts. I was always on the go and was like a way to numb myself. Getting busy means I didn’t have to think about things and instead avoided thoughts that actually needed my attention. Over the years it made me so empty and realized that I need more than that. To be spiritual does not mean to be religious. It’s more about coming to terms with yourself and accepting you and your mistakes and being a better you. Working on myself means saying that I am not perfect, but I want to get better and – shed my old skin and turn into a butterfly.

The Au Revoir 2020 OhmBOX.

How did ohmBOX start?

Joy: Jasmine and I have been friends for over 10 years, and we casually spoke on the phone about crystals – which we kind of didn’t know we were both big fans. I told her about crystal subscriptions I used to buy overseas. After a long list and an even longer phone call, I met her the next day, only to find that she hadn’t bitten the bullet. And in one moment with a lightbulb, we said, “Why not make our own box ?!”

Has the vision for ohmBOX changed since its introduction?

Joy: When we decided to create our own box, we knew we wanted to be more than just a crystal box. It would be a box that could change people’s lives, a box that is heart and soul delivered to your doorstep every month. We also wanted to support local businesses and when we were met by MCO last year it was a clarity to stay true to our vision and that ohmBox is doing the right thing.

OhmBOXCrystal bracelets that will soon be available on ohmBOX.

Tell us about the curation for each monthly box.

Jasmine: We have a different theme every month that draws attention to different paths of a holistic lifestyle. We make our Ohm branded products, but we also work with local suppliers and personally test their items before we put them in our packaging. We are here to support and promote local businesses. However, we adhere to a strict quality standard so that only the best products receive our ohmBox approval. Basically we do the legwork that can serve as a guide so it’s a learning box every time!

How can interested brands work with you and which brands would you like to work with?

Joy: We’re open to working with everyone as we believe there are a multitude of amazing local products and services out there that our subscribers don’t yet know about. We love discovering new things and have worked with different companies. Some of the items we featured in our previous boxes include handmade crystal soap, lipstick, candles, natural sunscreen, honey, keto snacks, soy sauce, Sarawak pepper, growing your own microgreen kits, reading an aromatherapy card, virtual chakra healing … the possibilities are endless and we love it!

The Au Revoir 2020 OhmBOX.

Complete the sentence: What I enjoy most is …

Joy: Feel independent and have a clear conscience.

Jasmine: To be able to give something back to society and to do my small part. That is why ohmBOX was developed: to help women struggling with their mental health.

What are your hopes and ambitions for this year?

Joy: We hope that ohmBox is a household name that is committed to mental health and wellbeing. We are also looking forward to the ohmBox shipping internationally. We currently ship to Singapore, Brunei and Jakarta and look forward to adding more countries in the future!

Check out ohmBOX here on their website and Instagram page.

(Pictures: @ imaverick.studios)

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