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Olive Branch Holistic Healthcare Inc was founded in response to the opioid epidemic. Recognizing the need for more natural complementary treatment that would help those dealing with pain who are or are at risk of becoming dependent on prescription drugs. We strive to work with your integrated health team to provide you with “great natural pain management and pain relief for as long as possible in the most healthy and affordable way possible” by taking out most commercial health insurance plans.

Olive Branch HHC is holistic health care for Olive Branch, an answer to the Natural Pain Management Clinic. With a medicinal massage and a natural pain analgesic, our treatments are simple. We will find the pain with the help of a posture analysis on and next to the table, loosen your muscles and get you out of the pain. We offer Web Excesses.com and clinical natural pain relievers for home care.

For more information, please call 480-770-6641 or visit www.olivebranchHHC.com

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