This is a major challenge that Bacolod Mayor Bing Leonardia, Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran and his team must focus on if they are to truly seal their leadership, development agenda and people’s tenderness – regardless of perception of the people People, who they are and how they do.

How well or badly people perceive you shows how good or bad your performance is.

Perception always contains some elements of truth, although after some refutation or confirmation it can change. This is because perception is often a quick judgment influenced by others, peer groups, social media, and opinion makers.

Some who claim that the Leonardia government did nothing about the pandemic and its socio-economic impact on people are a perception. There are also people who insist that despite its restrictions due to the novelty of the pandemic crisis, the Leonardia government has still done a lot to contain the pandemic and provide relief, if only temporary, to thousands of those affected. This is also a perception.

Some sectors claiming top Leonardia government officials made money from the pandemic are also a perception. It is also a perception that claims that perception as part of the propaganda mill machine of some anti-government groups.

This and that are all perceptions that we face every day.

But is it a perception that tens of thousands of Bacolodnon did not gather or attack the new government center and the offices of the mayor and city officials over pandemic and related concerns?

Is it a perception that despite alleged corruption charges against the administration over pandemic funds, no single case has been filed against Leonardia and its officials, with the exception of some barangay officials, and that no tens of thousands raided the treasury or warehouses as a result of those?

Is it a perception that despite complaints against quite a few barangay officials about SAP distribution and other emergency aid, only a handful have been suspended or are still in court? No, but to sum it all up is a perception.

Again I say no. The previous reports are not perceptions. I call them people’s trust or a confirmation bias or simple sympathy or Bacolodnon’s ability to like the mayor, vice mayor and their team regardless of what happened to them during the pandemic.

There are so many nuances in perception. Many have not seen or affirmed the people who found them so bad or good. And there are just as many who contradict each other and still care no less about it.

We can control, manage, and improve governance based on vision, mission, goals, guidelines, programs, and projects – not perceptions.

We do not measure the performance of governance by perceptions, not even by the intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, adversity quotient or social quotient, political quotient or sympathy quotient of people – but by what is very important for people’s lives.

I believe the bacolodnons have a fundamental confidence in the Leonardia government and if they can vote tomorrow it will support the government through 2025. But I see some shadows of emotions, unpublished frustrations that, if not resolved and promptly addressed, or if they become intangible, benefits to people – could be turned into fears, anxieties, and anger – the drivers of change.

These are jobs, livelihoods, good health projects, and a certain amount of attention, care, and love for all.

Indeed, given the enormous capacity and resources available to the Leonardia government, these are not much.

Simply consolidate people’s trust and rely on holistic sustainability.

In this way, the Leonardia government just needs to attract more attention, invest additional energies, mobilize the right people for this challenge, increase people’s participation in governance and their powers and powers to step up services, strengthen relationships and to change life and thus strengthen people’s trust in the city government, a trust that can withstand the pressure, pinpricks, slander and destruction by the MMA politicians and partisans.

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