One child was killed and three others injured when a light motor vehicle pulled up from Agnes Avenue in Kya Sand and hit the children on the side of the road on May 13.

According to Russel Meiring from ER24, the paramedics from ER24, along with other services, arrived on site at 12.40 p.m. to find the vehicle upright on the side of the road.

Four children were found a short distance from the car. Medical professionals quickly assessed the children between the ages of 6 and 14 and found that they were in critical condition and had sustained numerous injuries.

Medics treated the children immediately and provided them with several advanced life support measures.

Unfortunately, one of the children died from his injuries and was pronounced dead. The remaining three children were taken to a nearby hospital for further care.

It is understood that the driver lost control of the vehicle, causing it to roll and collide with the children. The local authorities were on site for further investigation.

In June 2018, a police car was involved in an accident on the same street, killing four pedestrians. Read more here: MUST READ: Police car kills 4 in Kya Sand