ONEONTA, Ala. (WIAT) – A K-9 officer from the Oneonta Police Department was seriously injured after a car accident in mid-January. The department is now seeking community support for the dog with a superior sense of smell. You can donate to the GoFundMe page here.

K9 officer Boogieman sustained serious injuries to his left hind leg. Courtesy of the Oneonta Police Department

Boogieman is one of the newest recruits to the Oneonta Police Departments – and one of their best snoopers.

“I’ve seen him do that and he’s excellent at the job,” said Police Chief Charles Clifton of the German Shepherd, which specializes in finding missing people, refugees and narcotics.

K-9 officer Boogieman shows his keen sense of smell.

A little over a week ago the rookie K9 officer made a rookie mistake. Boogieman let his puppy instincts take over when he saw a cat.

“The cat ran from behind the fire department on 4th Avenue,” said Clifton. “The cat made it in front of the car, but Boogieman didn’t.”

Officials took the 14-month-old German Shepherd to a local veterinarian – where they learned that attention for the puppy would cost about $ 12,000.

The rear left leg of the K-9 is currently in a cast.

“The damage was so great that a bone fusion is required – a very expensive operation to keep the dog from losing its leg,” said Clifton.

To make matters more difficult, they also noted that the insurance for the K9 officer had not yet come into effect, which means that OPD is responsible for the bill. This is no small expense for the department that posted OPD Boogieman’s story on social media and started a GoFundMe. Within two days of starting the campaign, they are roughly halfway to their destination.

In just two days since the page was launched, OPD has only reached about half of its goal.

“We sincerely appreciate the people who are donating to this dog,” said Chief Clifton.

They are expected to be two to three weeks away from surgery, according to Clifton as doctors wait for the swelling to subside and for the antibiotics to take effect.

Meanwhile, Boogieman has the support of his brothers in blue.

Officer Boogieman is assisted by his brothers in blue as he recovers from the accident.

“You can’t not love him – he’s a good dog,” said Clifton.

After the surgery, OPD will begin the recovery process with Boogieman and expect him to be back on the streets soon to serve the community.

The police are demanding $ 12,000 on the GoFundMe page for 24-hour care, surgery costs and therapy so that Boogieman can return to his service.

You can donate to the GoFundMe page here.