NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on Tuesday in a webinar about effective budget implementation in the health sector about the government’s approach to holistic improvement of the health sector with a focus on wellness.
The webinar is part of a series of such events where the Prime Minister shares sectoral insights on what the 2021-22 budget is focusing on and why. On Monday, PM Modi held a webinar on budget implementation in the defense sector.
Here are the highlights:
* This year’s allocation to the health sector is unprecedented. This shows our commitment to providing better health care to every compatriot.
* From medical devices to medicines; Ventilators for vaccines; scientific research on surveillance infrastructure; from doctors to epidemiologists; We need to focus on these in order to better prepare India in the event of a health crisis.
* The world has taken note of the strength and experience of the Indian health sector during the Corona. Today the reputation and confidence of the Indian health sector in the Indian health sector is at a new level worldwide.
* Our government treats health issues holistically rather than addressing them in parts. We have started to focus on wellness rather than just treatment in the country. We took an integrated approach from prevention to cure.
* The Covid-19 pandemic taught us a lesson to be prepared to face similar challenges in the future. We have to be prepared for the increasing demand for vaccines “Made in India”.


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