Parker University announced that it has expanded its educational technology leadership position in chiropractic programs through a new partnership and initiative to conduct virtual reality (VR) clinical case simulations powered by SimX technology. These solutions will improve both classroom and online learning and enable challenging, hands-on instruction to be delivered that provide realistic learning experiences for students in clinical engineering and related classes – even during the pandemic when students take online courses.

Parker University is the first chiropractic school to partner with SimX to develop bespoke clinical cases using VR technology. The custom simulations initially focus on examining vital signs, ranges of motion, orthopedic and neurological tests, differential diagnosis, and patient / doctor positioning to build confidence in Parker students through safe, repetitive practice of clinical thinking and functional skills.

The simulations are run on top of the line all-in-one wireless VR headsets, which cost dramatically less than older wired models. Instructors, students and simulation moderators can work together in the same virtual environments at the same time using the patented SimX technology, regardless of whether they are in the same classroom or around the world on a different continent. The first simulations developed as part of this partnership are some of the most common complex cases for a day-to-day field chiropractor.

“We are excited to be able to expand our recently announced suite of advanced educational technology solutions so quickly for our students,” said Dr. William E. Morgan, President of Parker University. “We strive to maintain our leading educational technology for both online and classroom teaching. The significant investments we have made in this area have already paid off to significantly improve teaching, which has been a challenge for most universities during the pandemic. The fact that our students were able to continue their classes without interruption during this time and that we have a record enrollment speaks to the great hunger of the students for first class education using the most advanced technology solutions. “

About SimX
SimX’s industry-leading medical virtual reality simulation platform is used worldwide and by leading institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Stanford, Northwestern, the University of Pennsylvania, the US Air Force and many others. It allows trainees to collaborate in multiplayer VR cases either together in the same room or from the safety of their own home. SimX’s unique system enables a “holodeck-like” experience with no drop-down menus or virtual selections. You talk to and interact with virtual patients the same way you do in real life. The scalable SimX scenario system enables the very fast development of new training materials and cases as well as the immediate availability for all learners. Further information on the SimX system can be found at

About Parker University
Parker University, the fourth fastest growing college in Texas and the fastest growing college in Dallas, was founded in 1982 by Dr. James William Parker (formerly Parker College of Chiropractic). Today Parker University has more than 1,800 undergraduate students and 34 academic programs, including the famous chiropractic program, as well as masters degrees in neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, strength and human performance, and functional nutrition. Currently, Parker University’s chiropractic cohort is the second largest of any campus in the world. Visit us at