In a scene where first responders are constantly training for Fort Worth’s emergency personnel – but hope they never see it – they were among the heroes in a massive crash involving more than 130 vehicles on an ice-covered stretch of I-35W north of downtown of Fort Worth said in a published message

Six people were killed and dozens injured in a tangle of semitrailers, cars and trucks early Thursday morning who bumped into each other and looked in all directions. Some vehicles came to rest on top of others.

“My heart breaks for our community when we learn how great the losses we are suffering from today’s accident,” said Mayor Betsy Price on Thursday. “Our community gives support, and I know so many of you are asking for a way to help. Right now, Fort Worth needs your prayers most – for the families, the injured, and the first responders. We will be releasing updates in the coming days with additional ways to support those in need during this difficult time. “

Here you can find information capsules explaining how first responders worked together from Thursday before Thursday until late at night:

Fort Worth Police

Shortly after 6 a.m. on February 11th, Fort Worth Police Department responded to a serious accident on the 2400-2500 block of the south toll lane of I-35W, the North Freeway. It was reported that several vehicles were involved in an accident.

Officials arriving at the scene quickly discovered that several vehicles – perhaps dozen – were involved. The officers immediately asked for assistance, and all south-facing lanes were closed from Loop 820 to near downtown.

More than 82 police units responded to the scene and collaborated with other departments on accident investigations.

A total of 135 vehicles were involved in the accident, including 103 individual vehicles and 16 tractor units, each of which is considered to be two vehicles. The traffic investigation unit will continue the ongoing investigation according to Police Report No. 21-0011068.

Police also set up a location at a nearby community center where families could pick up and meet drivers and passengers who were involved in the crowd.

At 5:20 p.m. on February 12, all southbound lanes on I-35W and 28th Street were open to regular traffic again. The toll lane remains closed.

Fort Worth fire

26 FWFD units were on site, including three heavy rescue and four truck companies. In total, more than 100 firefighters caused the accident.

Many patients had to be rescued using hydraulic rescue tools, and the FWFD stayed at the scene of the accident for about 14 hours.

“As we continue to work through all the details of this incident, our primary focus remains on supporting those affected,” said fire chief Jim Davis. “This is by no means easy, it is not a normal accident, it is not a fender bender. It is a great disaster in our city. Your Fort Worth Fire Department trains and equips our firefighters to ensure the highest level of care during times like these. “


MedStar Mobile Health Care had 13 ambulances, four supervisors, and 33 on-site employees; 36 victims were treated and taken to hospitals, three of them with serious injuries. There were 25 employees who responded to an “all call” for additional staff. In addition to the mass crash on I-35W, MedStar staff responded to 69 other calls between 6:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on Thursday.

An off duty MedStar medic on his way to work in uniform was involved in the accident and suffered facial injuries. Despite his injuries, he got out of his vehicle and helped triage and care for the patients until he finally drove to a hospital in one of the ambulances to investigate his injuries.

In addition, the wife of a MedStar paramedic / manager was involved in the buildup. Her husband eventually worked in the scene. The woman was slightly injured and was taken to an emergency room where she was treated and released.

More than 100 firefighters and more than 80 police units responded to the massive crash.