Posted on June 4, 2021
| 4:08 pm

Pathways to Natural Health, Inc. (Photo by Pathways to Natural Health)

Our physical, emotional and mental well-being is more central than ever. That’s why Noozhawk is proud to introduce our first ever holistic health and wellness guide!

To provide our readers with the tools to improve their mental and physical health, Noozhawk in Santa Barbara County conducted a series of interviews with local wellness practitioners and companies.

In this interview, Noozhawk spoke to Dr. Lizzie Clapham, Naturopath at Pathways to Natural Health, Inc., to learn more about this practice.

Paths to Natural Health, Inc.

Question: What is the name of your company or your practice?

Reply: Paths to Natural Health, Inc.

Q: Can you describe which services or products your company or practice offers?

Dr.  Lizzie Clapham, Dr.  Liora Mor and Dr.  Danielle Langston

Dr. Lizzie Clapham, Dr. Liora Mor and Dr. Danielle Langston (Photo by Pathways to Natural Health)

A: We offer holistic naturopathic medical care. Our services include bioidentical hormone replacement, IV nutritional and injection therapy, herbal medicine, aging support, clinical nutrition and lifestyle advice, neurotransmitter support, and homeopathy.

Q: How is your company or practice related to health and wellness?

A: We connect with health and wellbeing by serving the community with natural treatments and educating our patients about health and wellbeing and how this ultimately prevents future diseases.

Q: What makes your company or your practice unique?

A: Our practice is unique in that we focus on preventive wellbeing and treating the root cause of the patient’s problem. By spending more time with our patients and using advanced testing methods, we can better understand the person as a whole, which ultimately leads to treating the whole body, not just the symptoms.

Q: How do you stay connected with the community and your patrons?

A: We send educational emails monthly. We offer discussions with the community when available.

Q: What type of education, training or certifications do you have?

A: Our doctors have all participated in an accredited four-year naturopathic medicine program. In addition, each of our doctors has extensive training in IV nutrition therapy and hormone replacement therapy.

Q: How does your company or practice help your customers?

A: We help our patients by educating them and giving them tools to optimize their overall health. We offer customized treatment plans and therapies that improve health and help our patients achieve their health goals.

Q: Are your benefits insured?

A: Our services may be covered depending on the insurance provider. It is best to call your provider first and ask them what kind of reimbursement they offer. For patients with PPO insurance, the screening blood count can be billed to the patient’s health insurance company.

Q: If you don’t accept insurance, do you offer payment plans or funding options?

A: We can provide our patients with a superbill that they can submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. For patients without insurance or high deductibles, we offer blood tests at a reduced price (as with a cooperative).

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your company or practice?

A: We offer telemedical visits for patients who cannot come to the practice during the pandemic.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers that wasn’t mentioned above?

A: Our ultimate goal here at Pathways to Natural Health is to educate our patients about healthier lives in order to prevent acute illnesses and treat chronic illnesses. This often means supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself when given proper nutrition, additional nutrients, an active lifestyle, and a non-toxic environment.

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