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January 19, 2021

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In this premium TCM center, which is now in its 13th year of service, the patient always comes first


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The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to well-being and the general development of a healthy body has always been to get to the bottom of health problems, not just symptoms.

The Bao Zhong Tang Premium TCM Center has been practicing this holistic health concept for more than a decade. The company was founded in 2007 as a private joint venture between SingHealth and the Shanghai Hospital Development Center (SHDC) and offers a wide variety of TCM services such as herbal medicines, acupuncture, Tui Na, moxibustion, auricle compression therapy and pediatric Tui Na, postpartum care and much more, each managed by the clinic’s excellent team of doctors.

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The patient is at the heart of the clinic, and doctors make it a point to involve patients in the decision-making process. Your opinions and preferences will be taken into account when diagnosing and discussing your treatment plan so that you are comfortable all the way. “We believe that building relationships is central to our service. Our patients receive not only a healing of the body, but also relaxation and healing of the mind, ”says a spokesman for the clinic.

TCM is like abstract art. We study the mind, body and spirit to paint a whole picture

– Sun Hui Li, Senior Consultant Doctor and Medical Director

One way in which the Bao Zhong Tang Premium TCM Center stands out from other TCM centers is the quality of care by an experienced team of doctors. Some members of the team are renowned in Shanghai and with a respected status as “Shanghai Master Physician” recognized master physicians. Two of its employees have also been recognized for their contributions to health care and research.

In 2017, Prof. Yan Shi Yun and Prof. Cai Gan were awarded the “China Master Physician” prize, which is only given once every five years to the 100 best doctors in China. They often advise and share their expertise with patients in Singapore and thoroughly document their analyzes and prescriptions so that follow-up care by the doctors based in the clinic goes smoothly and without problems. Distance and language restrictions are also not a problem, as remote consultation is available for those living abroad. In addition, many doctors are also bilingual, which makes communication between them and the patient easier.

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It is also the only TCM clinic in Singapore that offers Gao Fang (herbal paste). The paste, which is commonly prescribed as a dietary supplement in China, is adapted to the body constitution of each person and made with the highest herbs by the senior doctors of the clinic. After a complete analysis of your body constitution, the doctor will write you an individual prescription. Since Gao Fang is usually taken over a period of several months, it is made with special equipment and expertise, making it suitable for people with ailments as well as healthy people looking for an immunity boost.

Did you know?

Since TCM treatment and nutrition can take months under certain conditions, Bao Zhong Tang offers patients who cannot attend the clinic the opportunity to order their repeated prescriptions and beers online – with the doctor’s approval – and have them delivered to them allow. However, patients are encouraged to consult with doctors about all prescriptions for better monitoring.

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The Bao Zhong Tang Premium TCM Center is part of the Best of Singapore 2021 guide.

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