Marks is a world renowned astrologer, numerologist, radio host, co-author, and intuitive. He is also an international mental, spiritual advisor and coach recognized in the Huffington Post. Marks is a frequent guest on various radio and television shows. This holistic health and wellness fair took place via Zoom and was presented by the Healers Network. “The turnout was better than expected. We have finally become international,” he said. Peter Marks and the other respected professionals who were part of the Holistic Health and Wellness Fair were all outstanding and gifted in their own unique way. “We were very busy yesterday, we had people from all over the world at the show,” said Marks. “The amazing thing is when people came to me, my detailed information was validated by other readers.” “Everything was agreed, the lectures and demonstrations we did yesterday were full and everything was in sync,” Marks admitted. “I’m proud of everyone as this was a group effort. The people I worked with were extremely happy with the results. They were all very impressed with the turnout.” Marks announced that the following holistic health and wellness virtual fair will be held on April 17th, 2021 from 1pm to 10pm. Three years ago, Markos Papadatos from Digital Journal spoke to Peter Marks about the digital transformation of the technology industry, in which he took part in his insights into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. You can find more information about Peter Marks on his official website.

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