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The death of the main character ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ left the fans in tears

Grey’s Anatomy fans’ happiness over the show, which returned for its midseason premiere on Thursday night, quickly turned into anger, resentment and sadness as the writers completely blinded everyone with the death of a lead character. Dr. Andrew DeLuca, portrayed by actor Giacomo Gianniotti since 2015, was stabbed to death while trying to track and expose a sex trafficker during Thursday night’s crossover event at Station 19. While it seemed like DeLuca would make it initially, the episode was shocking again when he died unexpectedly on the operating table after saying goodbye to Meredith Gray, who was in a dream sequence due to being diagnosed with COVID-19. “I’ll miss you. If I go back and you don’t, I’ll miss you,” Meredith said to DeLuca. After DeLuca’s death, viewers immediately took to Twitter to mourn the unexpected loss of their loved one.