The Metro police officer who was injured while driving traffic at an accident site with multiple accidents in the M7 accident last week is still in the hospital in Pietermaritzburg.

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According to Sheldon Lombard, spokesman for Rescue Care Paramedics, paramedics leaned toward Gerard Lecordier, the eThekwini police officer, who was allegedly hit while diverting traffic away from the scene while the vehicles involved in the scene were recovered on Friday March 12th .

Lecordier spoke from his hospital bed and described the morning when he and a colleague reacted to the serious accident scene.

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“When my partner and I saw that the police were already checking the scene of the accident, we set up a perimeter to divert traffic onto a detour,” he said in a voice memo from his hospital bed.

Lecordier is one of the many injured last week on the M7 Durban between Main Road and Bellville Road.

He was hit and pulled. The place where he was hit was over 100 meters from the main accident scene where victims were rescued from at least 10 wrecked vehicles.

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Lecordier, who spoke exclusively to the Highway Mail, said he was grateful for his life escaping the accident.

He continues to be cared for by two specialists at Netcare St. Anne’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg, where he was flown from the scene of the accident. He expects a good recovery, although his physical rehabilitation is expected to take many months.

Look out for an update on him and an exclusive interview in next week’s print edition of Queensburgh News.

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