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BENGALURU: The second wave of Covid-19 did not spare pregnant women – while many miscarriages were reported in women in the first and second trimesters, deaths in Karnataka have also increased significantly, according to gynecologists and obstetricians. Although the data collection is ongoing, experts warn that deaths, stillbirths, and underweight babies are on the rise and require immediate attention. They demand that the state government immediately issue separate guidelines for the care and treatment of pregnant women and new mothers.

“The first wave was comforting as we tried to keep track of our patients and nothing went wrong. We saw an increase in premature births and caesarean sections and subjected our data to global studies, but the second wave is completely different, it really scared us, ”says Dr. Hema Divakar, Advisor to Divakar Specialty Hospital, and past President of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI).

The second wave forced gynecologists to pay attention to anything that is not their specialty. They look at symptoms like pulmonologists and doctors to make sure they don’t overlook even tiny details when dealing with a pregnant patient. Most women have infections in the range of 26 to 32 weeks. “It’s creeping up so insidiously that if we miss the clues and the crucial time and the condition worsens quickly, there is no going back,” she added.

Dr. Suhasini Inamdar, consultant obstetrician and gynecologist at Motherhood Hospital, said the second wave was tough on pregnant women, with the number of cases rising. “In addition to stillbirths (intrauterine fetal death), which usually occur in the late second trimester or in advanced stages of pregnancy, there is a high probability that women will have miscarriages. Death of the fetus occurs when its condition suddenly deteriorates and oxygen saturation decreases. It is best for pregnant women to set off an alarm as soon as they experience Covid-like symptoms. “

A worldwide study of 2,100 pregnant women recently published in a science journal found that those who contracted Covid-19 while pregnant were 20 times more likely to die than those who are not. Doctors say that if an entire family tests positive and the infection spreads, pregnant women will obviously not be spared. There are other challenges, however. “A patient visits a gynecologist and OBGyns are not trained to examine her like a doctor. When it comes to a cough, cold, or fever, we don’t look at oxygen saturation. In general, we don’t even prescribe medication for coughs and fever, ”said a senior gynecologist at Vani Vilas Hosptial, which gave birth to more than 200 babies from Covid-positive women.

Bowring Ghosha Hospital, reserved for pregnant women in Covid, has recorded two deaths in the past 20 days. Ballari district recorded seven deaths during the second wave and more than 500 pregnant women tested positive in Karnataka. Dr. Sanjay Gururaj, pediatrician at Shanthi Hospital and Research Center, says, “This is probably not the time to get pregnant. Physiologically, pregnancy is an immunocompromised condition when a woman is more prone to infection. ”

A senior doctor at a PHC in Mandya said on condition of anonymity that more pregnant women are late with acute respiratory distress syndrome and collapsed lungs. “This leads to recordings in the intensive care unit. If you develop Covid in the last trimester, your diaphragm is already compressed and oxygen support and intensive care care are required, “she explained. Doctors say the government needs to link a pediatrician, doctor, or pulmonologist to the gynecological department in private and state hospitals.

When you are pregnant
Follow the rules of social distancing, wear a mask while getting out
If a family member is infected, stay in isolation
Stay hydrated and mobile to reduce the risk of blood clots
Attend all pregnancy scans and antenatal appointments unless asked not to come
Make sure that you are in contact with the doctor and that the treating doctors speak to each other about your condition
Look for a hospital with covid care and non-covid care

When symptoms appear
Get medical advice immediately
Monitor oxygen saturation regularly
Make sure that any mild illness is reported as the condition can suddenly worsen
With early treatment, most pregnant women will experience mild or moderate symptoms

Risk factors
Mother can pass covid on to baby, but babies usually do it well
Risk assessment with the doctor suggested before conception
IVF treatment should be avoided during a pandemic

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Women tests positive, admitted to Chikkaballapur hospital early last week
Seven deaths were reported in Ballari districts, Vijayanagara, during the second wave
Two deaths in Ghosha Hospital at Bowring Hospital
Many pvt hospitals report deaths of pregnant women with Covid

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