The second generation chiropractor in his hometown is bringing the business home

For Forest Lake Chiropractor Dr. David Schmidt, exercise has always been an important part of health and wellbeing. When he was a starting quarterback for the Forest Lake Rangers soccer team, David Schmidt’s father did something unique for the team: As a chiropractor, he walked into the locker room at halftime and adjusted his son and some of his teammates. For David it was “my father who takes care of me”.

As a baby, Schmidt was diagnosed with so-called Wry Neck Syndrome, which means that his neck was stuck to one side. The doctor wanted to have an operation at birth, but his father began to adjust it, which kept him from having an operation.

Now Schmidt has followed in his father’s footsteps by opening his own chiropractic business in his hometown. While always living in Forest Lake, he has opened chiropractic stores in other cities like Taylor’s Falls or Oakdale, but last year Schmidt and his wife decided it was time to take his business “home,” he said. In March 2020, he opened Day Spring Chiropractic in Forest Lake.

“During the COVID season, it is more important than ever to keep your body healthy. We have an amazing body that is very good at defending things. Adjustments work by strengthening, improving and stimulating the function of the immune system, ”he said. Schmidt also recommends eating right, including taking vitamins like vitamin D, and making sure you are getting adequate sleep.

Although opening the store just before the pandemic might have been difficult for the company, Day Spring Chiropractic is enjoying success.

“We thrived during the season,” said Schmidt. “Because of the fighting, this was a great opening year.”

“Our goal is to raise and adapt as many families as possible to a wholeness of body, soul and spirit.”

Schmidt added that in addition to a doctorate in chiropractic, he is also an ordained minister with a master’s degree in theology.

Schmidt’s father recently retired, although he continues to practice helping out in the office and filling out while taking care of family vacations.