Publicis Groupe India has developed a holistic health and wellness program for its 4000+ employees called PubFit. The program aims to help its people maintain harmony between mind, body and spirit and increase their general wellbeing.

Start of the Anupriya Acharya initiative, Publicis Groupe CEO for South Asia said “The year 2020 underscored the importance of strength and resilience in the face of uncertainty, chaos and fragility. It is perfectly clear that while we cannot control circumstances and events, we can certainly control our reaction, reaction, and thus their effects on us. PubFit is a carefully curated, richly curated program that prepares the entire organization for a fulfilling health, wellness and fitness journey. We believe that strong and resilient people not only lead to strong anti-fragile organizations, but also to happier homes and more determined societies. “

Acharya is a fitness enthusiast herself and was personally involved in launching the entire program. Well-being, resilience and happiness are very important to her.

The program is a year-long collective health journey undertaken by group employees. Numerous content, knowledge and learning modules are provided, which are made available in a timely manner across rich media resources and supplemented by fitness challenges. In the first phase, people would evaluate themselves in a diagnostic survey to find out where they stand in the overall fitness matrix. In addition, the leadership team is given a separate guidance on PubFit’s overall goals and how they can best lead themselves and others to make wellness an absolute priority across the company. The initiative also provides for the introduction of a fitness kit for all people.

The focus of the program is the developed Publicis Wellness App in partnership with a wellness platform, that will be interactive
and offers doctor consultations, home exercise videos, mindfulness videos, nutritional information and wellness challenges. The idea is to create an inherent fitness-oriented culture and easy access to information and wellness solutions.

To kick off the program, Publicis Groupe partnered with Human Edge, a renowned business platform that works with key stakeholders to provide advocacy and interventions for holistic wellbeing. Dr. Marcus Ranney, Founder and CEO of Human Edge and Anupriya Acharya hosted a personal fireside chat to get the message across.

Dr. Marcus Ranney said, “I am delighted to be supporting Publicis Groupe in this remarkable endeavor. The sign of a progressive, sustainable organization is that the well-being of the employees is the focus of their activities and that they do not lose sight of the definition of the organizational goals. With the launch of PubFit, we streamed each other in the homes of over 4000 employees. A war cry, a rallying cry, this is one of the strongest messages I have ever seen on a company tour, and I am delighted to be a partner with you on this journey. “

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