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CHANDIGARH: The Punjab government plans to introduce a law that will provide a legal framework for enforcement, treatment and prevention programs for substance abuse.

The Comprehensive Measures Against Drug Abuse Act (CADA) also includes treatment and prevention aspects of alcohol and tobacco abuse disorders.

The most important innovation is to give prevention and treatment programs a legal basis. Prevention programs now have a legal basis for their work and monitoring.

Drug treatment programs used to be based on general rules of nature enacted under the NDPS Act. However, this law provides a specific target structure and monitoring system.

The programs for outpatient opioid-assisted treatment (OOAT), Drug Abuse Prevention Officer (DAPO) and BUDDY have already been touted as important achievements by the state government in a national advertising campaign.

Sources made it clear that there is no conflict with the NDPS law, which provides penalties for various offenses, and that CADA is only supplementing the provisions of the NDPS to make it more effective and improve the benefits to the system.

They hold officials and departments more accountable to the law and the cabinet through a committee of ministers for implementing comprehensive drug abuse measures, they added.

According to the copy of the proposed law, 17 departments will be brought under one scope for the implementation of the CADA strategy, with the home department being the node department for the implementation of this law.

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