Beautifully designed boutique hotels have something that can instantly calm guests from stress in a way that larger hotels cannot. Do you want evidence? Just walk into the humble lobby of QT Bondi and feel the worries of the day melt like fine butter on a hot summer day. That doubles now that the boutique has partnered with the local downtime palace, Slow House.

A new partnership between QT Bondi and Slow House will channel Bondi’s blissful wellness scene to immerse guests in every imaginable aspect of self-care and wellbeing, and to ensure their stay is truly relaxing and nourishing.

To this end, the partnership has put together four “Slow Set To Slow Rise” experience packages – QT Restore, Remedy, Recover or Revive – from which guests can choose in a manner similar to how they would choose treatments from a luxury spa.

Each has been developed by Slow House to offer holistic therapies tailored to guests’ needs. The experiences include a variety of techniques including infrared saunas, Omnilux Revive LED treatments, traditional charcoal saunas, and ice baths.

Every Slow Set To Slow Rise experience is linked to a QT stay, so you can make it into a whole night and morning, whether as an individual or as a group.

The QT Restore package includes a sauna experience. QT Remedy offers both a sauna experience and an Omnilux LED treatment. QT Recovery combines a sauna with an ice bath. And QT Revive offers Slow House’s signature slow treatment.

“Slow House Bondi is excited to partner with QT Bondi,” said Slow House Co-Founder Tash Higham. “It’s only when we leave for a short weekend getaway or take a step back from our daily routine that we often learn the hard way that downtime is at least as important – and arguably more important – than business hours.”

If adding a meditative dimension to your QT Bondi stay sounds like your cup of chai, check out the full details for each treatment at

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the AU review’s assistant editor and a freelance travel writer. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh.

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