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Did Prince Andrew really only use Prince Philip’s death to sneak back on TV?

Duncan McGlynn / Getty Images Britain’s Prince Andrew’s shamelessness really needs to be beaten. He has suggested that a photo of him with his arm around a teenage sex trafficking victim was forged for having “chubby fingers”. He said the same woman’s description of him being drenched in sweat in a nightclub must be a lie because he can’t (he can) sweat. He attributed his week-long visit to Jeffrey Epstein in 2010 to his extreme sense of honor. Don’t even mention his love for pizza. Prince Andrew says Prince Philip’s death left a “huge void” in the Queen’s life. Incredible, Andrew now seems to be taking advantage of his father’s death to crawl out from under the rock of royal exile, to which his brother Charles, who fought with him for a long time, banished him after the disastrous November 2019 Newsnight interview in which these and Many other questionable allegations, including the cynical lie that he would cooperate with law enforcement investigations into Epstein’s crimes, were made Sunday morning, just 48 hours after the death of his father, whose greatest disdain was reserved for the kings who the Embarrassed family, looked at the camera and began giving a seemingly straightforward interview on news camera about how the entire royal family “all felt a great sense of loss”. Andrew clearly missed his media appearances. He went on and on. How grateful he was for the honors paid to his father. How “calm” his father was as a man. He also noted that his father’s death had helped him bond with the proletariat, saying, “It has brought me not only our loss, but the loss everyone else has felt for so many people who died and lost loved ones during the pandemic. “It was shocking to see Andrew, not a drop of sweat on him even though he had put on a few pounds, bad British teeth and all, standing there in his black suit pretending nothing had happened, freelancing maybe we all had each other featured the last year and a half, especially the play in which Prince Charles, now more than ever the incumbent head of the royal family, had stripped him of all royal patronage and kicked him out of his office at Buckingham Palace and removed his obscene $ 300,000 grant per year from UK taxpayers. At first it was all a pretty harmless waffle that came out of Andrew’s mouth. It couldn’t even have made the evening news. But if there’s one thing guaranteed to shake up the UK public, it’s a glimpse into the most mysterious: how the Queen actually feels up close and personal. When asked about the impact Philip’s death had on Her Majesty Andrew, amazingly, she decided to go there: “She described it as leaving a great void in her life,” he said, adding that she saw her husband’s death as a “miracle” had described. His words were plastered on news websites and television networks in a matter of moments. Andrew was filmed outside the private Royal Chapel of All Saints at Windsor Castle, which he had attended along with other members of the royal family, including his younger brother Prince Edward (who more traditionally spoke and said to reporters outside the chapel) that his father’s death was a “Terrible shock” was) There was initially an assumption that Andrew had been given permission to speak to the media. Did Charles have a change of heart? It seemed unbelievable, but was Andrew back on his way into the enchanted circle that was once again entitled to free food and air miles? However, leaks emerged on Monday, suggesting that this assumption was far from precise, the journalist who spread the news that Harry and Meghan were leaving the UK reported in the Daily Mail that sources had told him: ” Prince Andrew might hope this sad situation changes things, but Prince Charles firmly believes that there is no going back while the allegations hang over him. He spoke privately on camera because this is a family event. Nobody can stop him. “Neither the palace nor any consultancy firm commissioned by Prince Andrew responded to inquiries from The Daily Beast. Andrew’s fantasy of a comeback has been reported many times over the past two years. And he’s still at it, with a source described as “close to Prince Andrew” who says to Wooton, “He still has thoughts that he can make a comeback. He really thinks it’s possible. “If Andrew needs further reminders that he is no longer welcome in public life or in British living rooms and that his father’s death does not change anything, he should consider this statistic: Almost 400 people have already written to the BBC to complain about Andrew mentioned in the company’s reporting. Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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