TEXARKANA, Ark. – For the second year running, Texarkana has the chance to experience that universal vibe which this year includes a Sunset Bubble Party.

Held on Saturday, October 23, from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM along Front Street in the Festival Square, Universal Vibe is a community gathering focused on holistic health practices, art and music. Moving downtown will move them to a more accessible location, said organizer Colton Foltz.

“We’re trying to name more providers and perhaps some potential sponsors,” said Foltz. So far, they have signed up several small, local businesses as sellers specifying the type of attendees they are looking for.

“Everywhere, from people doing energy work to making their own jewelry, soaps and body creams. We’re just looking for unique people who make things, ”said Foltz. These include arts, crafts, music, and health supplies. People will paint live with some artists selling their work.

“Anything that is unique and different,” said Foltz, pointing out that key providers and sponsors include Crystal Moon, Modern Primitives, and New Boston Energy Healing Therapies. Texarkana Yoga and Prodigy Yoga also take part as sponsors and providers.

“We’re going to have some people selling vintage clothing. We will also have some licensed massage therapists. We’ll have someone doing face paint and henna tattoos. Pretty Dead Things will be there, Michelle McCarver. Colleen Narens is one of our sponsors. She will do her energy-sound healing work, “said Foltz.

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So far they have around 35 providers with others on the way. He estimates 40 to 50 will attend when all is said and done. Music and entertainment will also be part of the celebrations.

“Right now we have Lot 1621 that brings food, and then we have Taco Madres that also brings food,” said Foltz. They want to add another food truck, and The Flying Crow, which is right on Front Street, will be attending.

“We’ll have solo acoustic artists play in the morning and then we’ll have some bands play and then we’ll go to the DJs. We’re going to have a sunset bubble party for the kids. We’ll have loads of bubble machines and huge bubble sticks, ”said Foltz.

After this bubble extravaganza, participants can watch Phantom Flow Arts spin fire. Bouncy castles, face painting, handicrafts such as wind chimes, cash prizes for a scavenger hunt and more are part of the planned fun.

“It’s going to be a big deal,” said Foltz. “And workshops. We will hold holistic health workshops.”

Foltz said he hoped the list of providers would be completed by mid-September. He sees the city center as a place where pedestrian traffic can come and promote a block party feeling.

“I think it will be great to be downtown,” said Foltz, noting that her first year was going well. They didn’t know if anyone was going to show up, but they did and the reaction was positive. About 400 people attended at their location in Genoa, Arkansas.

With an advertising budget and more organization, he looks forward to an event that gets bigger and better, he said.

(To become a vendor or sponsor, visit Universalvibe.org. There you will find Applications. You can also find more information at Facebook.com/UniversalVibeTxK.)

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