You in Mind is run by Sally Carter and Tracey McPhillips A hot stone massage is one of the treatments offeredSally and Tracy also offer Indian head massages

Sally and Tracy also offer Indian head massages

They have been used effectively for centuries and are believed to play an important role in maintaining health and wellbeing.

Sally Carter first became interested in free therapies as a teenager after seeing their benefits firsthand.

“That has always interested me. My mother had meningitis when she was 13. She had persistent neck and shoulder pain.

“I always massaged them and could always find the points of tension. It’s about releasing tension and creating a sense of wellbeing, ”she explains.

Now she is trained as a holistic therapist and runs You In Mind based in Wellington together with business partner Tracey McPhillips.

Both trained at the Solace Holistic Training Academy in Shropshire and now offer a wide range of therapies that can be merged and customized to meet the different needs of each client.

These include Indian head massages that provide benefits such as improving blood circulation, relieving muscle tension, pain and fatigue, and a general feeling of relaxation, calm and well being.

They also offer warm bamboo massages that are designed to stimulate the immune system and benefit a variety of chronic pain conditions such as back pain and headaches.

This technique combines a Swedish massage with bamboo sticks heated before pressure is applied to the muscles. Various rolling, kneading and stroking movements are performed.

Other treatments offered at You In Mind include holistic facials that aim to make muscles feel relaxed and rejuvenated, and skin to look and feel healthier.

They also offer reflexology, an art over 2,500 years old that uses both massage and pressure point techniques. The pressure applied is firm but not painful, and the treatment is designed to make people feel calm and relaxed.

People often look for holistic therapies to help with long-term health complaints or muscle pain, to support mental illnesses such as stress, or to promote general well-being

“It’s about what the client needs and what he is trying to get out of the therapies. Some people come to relieve tension and tight muscles, and some come to relax a bit and have time for me, ”says Tracey. The friends took over the business shortly before the lockdown began in November, but had to wait until December to open the doors.

“We bought all the equipment and the company name from a woman who trained us on November 1st,” says Sally, who has been a therapist for two and a half years.

Unfortunately, they then had to close again when the last lockdown began in January and were delighted when they reopened to the public on April 12th.

Because they typically have to maintain a very high level of hygiene, they didn’t have to make too many changes to the way they work to protect customers and themselves.

They do checks to make sure no one attending an appointment has symptoms of Covid or has been in contact with anyone else who may be sick.

Despite a challenging start, they remained optimistic about the future, believing that there would be demand for their therapies when they were finally able to welcome clients again.

Tracey added, “We knew that once the ban was lifted, people would look for the types of therapies we were offering.

“A lot of people suffer from muscle tension because they worked from home from a desk that wasn’t designed for that. All of the therapies we offer can alleviate this. We knew people would need us when the time was right. “

Holistic therapies have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people become aware of the various options.

“People resort to such therapies and can supplement traditional medication from their GP or hospital,” says Sally.

While many people know exactly what their chosen therapy is about, it will be a completely new experience for others.

“We had a few people who were new to it, so we always try to calm them down and explain what we are doing and why at all times,” says Sally Weekend.

For Sally and Tracey, being holistic therapists is very rewarding because they can see how much their clients enjoy and benefit from their treatments. “People arrive anxious, stressed or with sore muscles and feel better. I know we made a difference, ”says Sally.

You In Mind is also a recognized provider of the Guild of Holistic Therapists’ training courses with the theoretical elements completed online and the practical elements with Sally and Tracey in their Wellington studio.

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