Whether you are a regular yogi or not, it is time to start integrating restorative yoga postures into your fitness routine. Just like stretching before and after a cardio workout helps your muscles recover, these positions are held longer to help relax the mind and body. “Restorative yoga provides pause through letting the nervous system shift from fight-or-flight to a relaxation response,” Yvonne O’Garro, recovery and Hatha yoga teacher at Yvonne Henrietta Yoga, told POPSUGAR. “This shift takes about 15 minutes, which is why the positions are held for about five to ten minutes each.”

Try these few positions to reduce stress, increase your overall well-being and calm your nerves. If you need a little extra support, change each bag. This allows you to safely sink deeper into the position so you can hold them for longer without causing extra stress or discomfort in your joints. The props below help.

Props you need:

  • A bolster (You can also fold a pillow in half, wrap a towel around it and put it in a pillow case if you do not have a bolster.)
  • Yoga blocks (try hardcover books if you do not have any.)
  • Blankets or beach towels