Road accidents have spread so much and become a routine in daily life, and it is a painful affair that ends many people’s lives. Traffic accidents always happen and no one can reduce the risk. However, the collaboration between local foundations and international society organizations, with their interventions and health care support, has greatly contributed to mitigating the consequences and harms of these accidents.

An example occurred in Al Hazm district, Al Jawf Gov, where a five year old girl (Salma Hassan Abdullah) was hit by a car while she was playing with her friends. She was injured as a result of that traffic accident in which she was directly admitted to Al Hazm General Hospital, supported by the Building Foundation for Development (BFD) and funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF). Salma suffered from severe abdominal pain, a state of shock from what she was exposed to. Fortunately, medical procedures were put in place for a resuscitation, during which she was sent to the intensive care unit to be observed and to complete the necessary examinations. A ruptured liver was found after a CT scan. The poor sick child was taken straight to the operating room (OR) and the operation was successful.

Salma has recovered and her condition has improved a lot. In addition, her health status is continuously monitored by the specialist every time she visits her mother. Salma’s recovery brings the comfort and happiness back to the family when her mother expressed her happiness by saying, “I did not believe my little daughter would live again and the doctor told me he would do his best, and that made me feel comfortable. ” . “Just as Salma’s father expressed his thanks and thanked the medical team:” My daughter is coming back to life, thank you very much. “