New Delhi [India]March 8th (ANI / NewsVoir): Today Sattva Nation – India’s largest wellness festival for women – is organizing the “Sattva Iconic Wellness Awards 2021” to recognize the work of women in 8 dimensions of wellbeing. Sattva Nation honored 25 most influential women from various wellness categories at the Pullman Hotel in New Delhi.
“Sattva Iconic Wellness Awards” is an initiative of Sattva Nation – India’s largest holistic wellness festival and was attended by more than 150 people who had the friendly presence of our main guests Jyoti Arora, Special Adviser and Financial Advisor, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India, Dr. Aruna Abhey Oswal, Chairman of the Abhey Oswal Group, Rajiv Talwar, CEO-DLF, Dr. Anurag Batra, founder of the Exchange4Media group and chairman of the BusinessWorld group.
Sattva Nation has honored Blossom Kochhar, chairwoman of the Blossom Kochhar group of companies, with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding contribution to the physical wellbeing category, followed by the other winners, Meenakshi Dutt, makeup artist, MPayal Jain, fashion designer and environmental activist, MsShibani Kashyap, Bollywood Playback -Singer, Tulsi Joshi, councilor, Rina Dhaka, designer and crusader, Seema Dhaka, ASI – Delhi Police, Garima Bhandari, yoga expert, Gunjan Gaur, permanent make-up artist, Lt. Rita Gangwani, Personality Transformation Trainer, Seema Midha, Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Tripati Somani Founder – Womennovator along with other dignitaries. All of the awardees have worked in the wellness field for so many years, contributing to society and inspiring millions of women with their work.
The event was supported by SBI, the Kraheja Group, VLCC, KRBL, Yogic Secrets, RR Kabel and other well-known brands.
“We are very pleased that today we are organizing the biggest wellness awards of all time with a top wellness influence on women. This is the first award of its kind in which all 8 wellness experts stand under one roof and celebrate Femininity Day. India still has miles to go. In the field of every wellness and sattva nation, we are trying to make a small contribution by organizing India’s largest wellness festival for “body, mind and soul”, according to Preeti Singh & Rahul K, Founder of the Sattva Nation.
Sattva Nation is India’s only community festival that celebrates holistic wellbeing and life. Sattva Nation conducts various festivals, webinars, events and conferences (companies, universities, government institutions) by making experts available on a common platform. We offer wellness experts a holistic approach for everyone on a common platform. Such a holistic approach to wellness programs can help each individual develop and outgrow themselves and find a balance in life to become their best self.
We work on eight dimensions of wellbeing: professional, emotional, spiritual, ecological, financial, physical, social and intellectual. Each dimension of wellbeing is linked to another. Each dimension is equally important in the pursuit of optimal health. One can achieve optimal wellbeing by understanding how each of the dimensions of wellbeing can be maintained and optimized.
Sattva stands for purity, health and virtue. It is one of three gunas, or attributes, that all humans have. “Everyone has sattva in them. It is a human quality, “Preeti Singh – founder of the Sattva Nation said in a statement.
We help individuals balance mental, physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.
We take on the challenges of modern life and are a community that helps you achieve a wellness balance between your professional and private life.
Sattva Nation helps you dream big. Free yourself from your cocoon and spread your wings. The journey to wellness is exciting! And the rewards? It is worth it! Let your journey be your reward.
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