The actress recalled being able to go back to work after the accident and, speaking to ETimes, shared that she passed out because she had shaved thoroughly and also had a brain injury. She said, “I passed out. I was told it was a very close shave. Because of the injury to the brain, I can say I have a brain (smiles). “ALSO READ: Shabana Azmi shares Javed Akhtar’s playful poem written when he wasted soup on his kurta 40 days after her accident. Resuming work, she flew to Budapest. “But 40 days later I resumed work for ‘Halo’ in Budapest. The work keeps you going and you have to keep going. I received so much respect and concern from all over the world during this accident period and I think that is one of the main reasons I recovered. I’m still going to Khandala, but of course I have to be a little careful, ”she added. ALSO READ: Despite the flight ban, Shabana Azmi flies to London for a shoot; Until the last minute I was sure that I had to cancel – EXCLUSIVELY