Shamita Shetty in a still from Bigg Boss OTT (Courtesy)


  • Shamita cries as she remembers her ex-boyfriend
  • “That’s why I haven’t allowed anyone in my life for so long,” she says
  • Shamita Shetty spoke to Neha Bhasin

New Delhi:

Actress Shamita Shetty recently spoke to Bigg Boss OTT about her personal life. Speaking to her roommate Neha Bhasin at an extremely emotional moment, Shamita Shetty announced that she had tragically lost her first boyfriend. Without giving a name, Shamita Shetty said he died in a “car accident”. In a video clip shared by Voot, Shamita Shetty is heartbroken crying as she pours her heart out to Neha Bhasin. Shamita spoke to Neha Bhasin regarding her current equation with Raqesh Bapat in the Bigg Boss house. Shamita and Raqesh, who started the show as “each other’s connections,” grew quite close together around the house and often implied that they were attracted to each other.

However, everything is not all right between Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat at the moment. Shamita Shetty talked about being hurt in love and said to Neha Bhasin, “That is why I have not allowed anyone in my life for so long. Because it took me so much time to put myself back together … I’d much rather take care of myself than put myself in someone else’s hands. I’m fine then I’ll be alone. “

There’s just a glimpse of Shamita Shetty’s and Raqesh Bapat’s grievances in this Bigg Boss promo where Shamita is injured while on a task. Shamita can be heard rebuking Raqesh for saying “I told you” before looking after her. “I am physically injured,” Shamita shouts, whereupon Raqesh says: “You are always injured.

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