Fifteen-year-old Isabella Brink-Read is making steady progress in her recovery. The ancaster girl, who also passes Bella, suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit by a vehicle while skateboarding.

In the hours and days since the April 25 accident, her mother, Cynthia Brink, wasn’t sure Isabella would get through.

“She’s a child prodigy, I think,” Brink said on May 6th.

A mother’s instinct told Brink that something was wrong when her daughter took a short drive that evening but stayed outside longer than expected and didn’t answer the phone.

When she got into her vehicle and saw ambulances in her neighborhood, Old Mohawk Road, Brink knew something terrible had happened.

Among her injuries, Isabella suffered a broken pelvis, collapsed lung, right frontal lobe trauma and brain stem damage after being hit by a Honda in 2008 and thrown more than five meters in the air. The 21-year-old male driver stayed on site to help until emergency services arrived.

While facing a long road to recovery, Brink said Isabella is now stable and responding well to treatment in the pediatric intensive care unit at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

Although her eyes were still closed as of May 6, she was no longer on a ventilator and was able to move her hands and right leg easily.

“They say it’s impossible to predict recovery schedules,” Brink said. “They are also not sure how quickly they will recover or what their recovery will be.”

Brink said the family remains positive and optimistic. You are also ready to do whatever you can to help Isabella.

Isabella snapped her fingers when prompted and waved to her father, Brink added. She took part in pulmonary physiotherapy and can now spend some time outside each day using a hoist and a wheelchair.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe campaign launched by Isabella’s cousin raised more than $ 15,000 on May 6.

The family needs to improve the accessibility of two homes, Brink said, including her mother’s ancaster home and her father’s home in London. Some members of Isabella’s family have put their lives on hold in order to care for them around the clock. Her older siblings flown in from Victoria, BC. The family may also need a handicapped accessible vehicle.

“Everyone here and the family have been very supportive and very positive,” said Brink. “To the people who sent money through the GoFundMe account, I can’t tell how grateful I am because it will cover a large part of the costs you will incur.”

Brink works at the Long Point Biosphere Reserve and hopes to get Isabella out to see the sights as soon as she comes out of the hospital. It is expected that Isabella may have to travel to Toronto for physical therapy.

As well as being an avid skateboarder, Brink loves art, music and spending time with her pets.



“I hope she opens her eyes,” said Brink. “I want to see your bright blue eyes. I want to see the sassiness she had when she was 15. “