After a flip-filled weekend, Simone Biles added to her list of recognitions and expanded records in the world of women’s gymnastics. On June 6, after the second session of the American Gymnastics Championship in 2021, the 24-year-old Olympic winner came in the all-round with a total total of 119,650 to pick up his record seventh national all-round title. This broke tie she previously had with Clara Schroth-Lomady. Another first place finish at the Nationals would make her the most decorated gymnast in U.S. Championship history, period. (Alfred Jochim holds seven national titles for men.)

Biles won by almost five whole points, followed by the Worlds team gold medal in 2019 Sunisa Lee. Jordan Chiles, the 2018 Pacific Rim Championships team, vault and floor champion, received third place overall. Biles and Chile train together at the World Champions Center in Spring, TX. Jade Carey, who has already qualified for the Olympics as an individual (separated from the four-man team), came in 6th place overall.

Biles, who also took the title of floor, vault and beam, did not show off her iconic Yurchenko double pike vault, which she debuted two weeks ago at the GK US Classic every night of the competition. However, she did not need to; her routines were still wildly difficult and highly scored. And for both sessions this weekend, she wore a jersey adorned with a slurry toy in honor of her “greatest ever” status.

“It’s really emotional, especially when I go into my second time with an Olympic race,” Biles told NBC after her victory. “It’s really crazy and I appreciate everyone who has come to see and support us, especially after the year we’ve had.”

Ahead, see some highlights from Bile’s performances at the US Gymnastics Championships 2021. Next stop, Olympic trials – where the two best all-rounder automatically join the team – and a trip to Tokyo!