The collector’s car crashed near Kalayarkoil on Saturday; Only one inmate suffered multiple injuries and was treated in a hospital

Sivaganga District Collector P. Madhusudan Reddy suffered minor injuries when his official car, in which he crashed after the driver so as not to hit a cyclist, applied the brakes near Kalayarkoil on Saturday.

Officials said there were five people in the car including the collector. The collector sat in the front, his personal assistant, his rifleman, and his dafedar sat in the back seat.

After attending a school event in Kalayarkoil, the collector had planned to visit the Congregation’s polling center in Karaikudi and the GH there. As they were crossing Kalakanmai, a 10-year-old boy came on a bicycle from a small back road. To avoid hitting the boy, the driver put the brakes on and the vehicle fell over and hit a power pole.

All occupants managed to get out of the car within a few minutes. An official said that the collector employee, Mani alone, suffered multiple injuries and was hospitalized while others were given first aid.