Posted on June 4, 2021
| 11:59 a.m.

Barbra Mousouris (Photo from Sixth Scents Healing Center)

Our physical, emotional and mental well-being is more central than ever. That’s why Noozhawk is proud to introduce our first ever holistic health and wellness guide!

To provide our readers with the tools to improve their mental and physical health, Noozhawk in Santa Barbara County conducted a series of interviews with local wellness practitioners and companies.

In this interview, Noozhawk spoke to Barbra Mousouris, owner of the Sixth Scents Healing Center, to learn more about her business.

Sixth Fragrance Healing Center

Question: What is the name of your company or your practice?

Reply: Sixth Fragrance Healing Center

Q: Can you describe which services or products your company or practice offers?

A: Sixth Scents Healing Center offers a relaxing, supportive office with an ocean view for your comfort and deep peace. A board certified clinical hypnotherapist will facilitate the reshaping of lifestyle behaviors that no longer serve your greatest good, that are effortlessly replaced at the subconscious level with healthy, joyful alternatives. Healing Touch (5-stage certified) is available for energy balance and intuitive healing. Therapeutic aromatherapy blends can be tailored for clinical applications to calm the mind, body, and spirit! The highest level of customer confidentiality is respected. All age groups are welcome, including children.

Q: How is your company or practice related to health and wellness?

A: Sixth Scents Healing Center is a holistic health center. Unhealthy addictions and habits from our past can unconsciously manifest and persist if not addressed in a nurturing, loving way. Clinical hypnotherapy in a safe space can holistically empower you to return to the real you, the joyous essence you were created to be. Healing Touch Energy Balancing and Aromatherapy are also synergistic modalities to release unconscious blockages that can be self-limiting. Hypnosis has been used successfully since 1800.

Change your mind book.

Change your mind, available on Amazon. (Photo from the sixth fragrance healing center.)

Frequently addressed topics are alcohol and drug addiction, eating problems, pain control, side effects of cancer treatment, relationship / self-esteem problems, phobias / fears of all kinds, sleep disorders and learning / self-esteem problems in children.

I am honored to help my customers live healthier, happier lives!

Q: What makes your company or your practice unique?

A: There are places where you can either get hypnosis, energy work, or essential oil / aromatherapy counseling. The Sixth Scents Healing Center is unusual in that we are trained in all 3 modalities and can combine the myriad and profound benefits of all three healing practices, sometimes at the same time.

Q: How do you stay connected with the community and your patrons?

A: I am blessed to continue friendships and “tuning sessions” with my wonderful customers and have the privilege of being accepted into their trust and vulnerability for their greatest benefit.

I also do hypnotherapy for local sports teams to improve athletic excellence from a “mental” perspective. I am available for school classes and offices for group hypnosis bonding meetings.

Q: What type of education, training or certifications do you have?

A: Trained by Healing Touch International and Healing Beyond Borders in all 5 levels of Healing Touch Energy Balancing.

  • Certified alternative practitioner.
  • An additional year of extensive chemistry studies with essential oils to become a certified aromatherapist.
  • Trained in Los Angeles in advanced clinical hypnotherapy. Board certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapists, recognized by the Mayo Clinic in 1956.
  • Intensive training in Los Angeles in the Mongan method of hypnobirthing.
  • Author, Change Your Mind Book on Hypnotherapy

Q: How does your company or practice help your customers?

A: As a certified hypnosis birth pedagogue, it is very rewarding to be out and about with parents of all kinds. Hypnobirthing can provide parents with the knowledge and training to approach childbirth with greater relaxation and confidence, resulting in the most peaceful birthing experience possible.

Q: Are your benefits insured?

A: Although our office does not accept insurance, some customers may receive reimbursement coverage from their insurance providers, which I will be happy to invoice you for.

Q: If you don’t accept insurance, do you offer payment plans or funding options?

A: Sixth Scents Healing Center offers multiple session packages and accepts Venmo.

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your company or practice?

A: I temporarily stopped personal healing touch in 2020. I continued hypnotherapy through FaceTime and mostly Zoom meetings which luckily were extremely effective. The bonus is that I have been able to work with clients all over the world. My office has been certified for Covid-safe disinfection practice by the district health department, and I have now resumed personal visits to the office.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers that wasn’t mentioned above?

A: Beautiful gift vouchers available to give away peace and relaxation as well as deep inner healing! I love what i do!

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