Now that you have bought a home Peloton bike, you will be spraying on all accessories – the most important thing is a pair of Peloton-friendly shoes that match the bike’s tread dimensions. Before you start shopping for shoes, however, it is crucial to research which shoes are and are not compatible with your bike. If you have previously taken cycling lessons in a Peloton studio or other studio, the shoes you have may be a two-bolt shoe that is not compatible with a home Peloton bike.

To ride your bike, your shoes must be able to be attached to Delta-compatible cleats. The easiest way to find out if your shoes are compatible with your new bike is by tilting them to reveal the screw sketch on the sole of the sole. Two adjacent holes means a two-bolt shoe: not good. For a home bike, you will want a triangle made of three holes. These are called three-bolt bicycle shoes. Cleats (the bracket on the shoe that connects the pedals) are available for an additional fee on Peloton’s website for three-bolt shoes that do not include cleats. Check out the gallery with three bolts ahead for a stress-free shoe-shopping experience.