The medical field is full of professionals focusing on disease over wellness and public opinion on that type of focus seems to be changing dramatically. In 2016, Time Magazine mentioned that Americans spent over $ 30 billion on complementary drugs annually. Today the number is far greater, and many holistic doctors are seeing their practices grow. Modern medicine has proven effective in solving some problems affecting humans, but there are significant shortcomings in solving the human condition. This article aims to provide an insight into why modern holistic medicine is becoming so popular.

Concentration on the individual

Modern medicine deals with hard numbers and numbers. In many cases this quantitative approach can be useful. However, it has lost sight of the core elements of medicine that have made doctors such a valuable part of society for hundreds of years. Treatment is partly about curing a disease, but it is also about providing comfort. The mind-body connection has been largely ignored by modern medicine. However, research has shown that mind-body techniques can be useful in the right setting. The Journal of General Internal Medicine notes a discrepancy between using these techniques and using them to support patients.

Addiction and Mental Health

America is only now grappling with its mental health epidemic. With so many thousands of people suffering from mental health problems, there is a need for alternative approaches to therapy. One of the main disadvantages of modern treatment is the places where these patients are housed. Psychiatric clinics have this overwhelming feeling of depression around them. As Dr. Joseph Yi notes, “Just because it’s a mental hospital doesn’t mean it has to look and feel like a mental hospital.” Dr. Yi has been instrumental in changing the perspective of modern medicine in terms of holistic wellbeing. The doctor is the founder of Modern Behavioral, an outpatient facility for those recovering from substance abuse and seeking mental wellbeing. Through a holistic approach, he aims to help individuals regain control of their lives.

Dr. Yi is just one of many doctors who realized that modern medical institutions, holistic medicine, and with it their patients, had failed. By focusing on the disease rather than the root cause of the cure, and by separating the patient from their humanity, they can potentially do more harm than good. People are not statistics, but modern medicine seems to treat them as such. Dr. Yi’s approach incorporates all aspects of a person’s life into his treatment. Medical care is complemented by spiritual, nutritional and mindfulness practices that aim to reconnect patients with the fullest expression of themselves. For most holistic healers, the goal is always to help the patient become their number 1 doctor and embark on a journey of self-care and accountability.

Find a place in the world

Modern Behavioral is one of several institutions that have found their place in the oversaturated realm of addiction management and mental health care. Their presence here suggests that there is space for treatment facilities that do not conform to traditional methods of Western medical treatment. Maybe in the future we will have other doctors in Dr. See Yi’s footsteps. The world could use more doctors who understand what it is to be human.

Published on March 11, 2021

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