ROM (AFP) – The five-year-old boy, who was the sole survivor of an Italian cable car accident that killed 14 people, was relocated from intensive care on Tuesday (June 1), a medical source said.

The boy named Eitan lost his parents, younger brother and great-grandparents in the accident on May 24 near the summit of Mount Mottarone in the north-western region of Piedmont.

Eitan was moved to a normal ward after lunch, a spokesman for the Citta della Salute hospital in Turin told AFP.

The move was announced the day before when the hospital said the boy was constantly improving and recovering from his chest and abdominal injuries.

It added that his aunt was by his bed. Eitan’s family, originally from Israel, moved to northern Italy in 2018, according to Italian media.

After the crash, the boy was flown to hospital in critical condition. He was intubated and sedated for several days and woke up on Thursday.

The accident rocked Italy.

It killed Eitan’s family and others on a Sunday excursion to the scenic location served by the cable car.

The cable of the cable car broke shortly before the destination. Then it flew backwards, detached itself from a second suspension rope and fell to the ground.

Investigations have shown that emergency brakes, which could have stopped the car on its suspension cable to avoid the tragedy, had been deactivated.

Three men – the cable car’s chief technician, a technical director and the owner of the cable car operating company – were arrested but released at the weekend.

The technician, Gabriele Tadini, was placed under house arrest after admitting he disabled the braking system due to a malfunction but said his two superiors knew about it.

They denied this and were released after a judge found a “total lack of evidence” against them. All three men are still under criminal investigation.