From wood to multi-drop high tech, here are some of the latest in chiropractic adjustment tables

Chiropractic and chiropractic adjustment tables were first registered in the United States in 1895 when Daniel David (DD) Palmer first successfully applied the newly developed treatment method.

According to historians, this first chiropractic table was nothing more than an ordinary table or bench made of wood, knee-high with the patient supported by pillows.

The portable table came in 1905, according to historian Steve Simmons, DC. Known as the Adams Suit Case Table – likely because it was made by the Suit Case Factory and included in the company’s Adams Line – the table was also made of wood but came in a leather case and opened in two separate pieces.

Patent pending

The first patented chiropractic table did not appear until 1910, according to Steve Agocs, DC. That patent was filed by John H. Schenck, a man who may or may not have been a chiropractic doctor. In one picture of the drawing of the patent-filed table, the upholstery covers the top and bottom of the table and the central portion has collapsed with thicker padding.

In 1955 the first chiropractic table with moving parts was built. This innovation came about when J. Clay Thompson bought a chiropractic table with a broken headdress. After purchasing a new table, Thompson found that he had better results with the broken table because the patient’s head would fall off easily when he gave a push. His patients also preferred the broken table, which led Thompson to develop the drop headpiece.

Two years later, Thompson created a table of multiple drop points – the back, lumbar spine, and pelvic area – that form the basis of the popular chiropractic adjustment tables that many DCs use today.

Today’s Chiropractic Adjustment Tables

The tables have changed significantly over the past few years, making advances in comfort and technology, and improving standards. When shopping for tables, take the time to review the different manufacturers, read their reviews online, and choose a company that is known to offer high quality products.

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