GILSUM – A new wellness facility in Gilsum aims to promote the physical and emotional recovery of customers from illness or injury or simply to help them stay healthy through alternative treatments.

The Restoration of Eden opened earlier this month at 626 Route 10 – the former location of Bulldog Design and RJ Sports – after owner Audra Wilson bought the property in September for $ 135,000.

The company, which is classified as a holistic health and wellness center, is Wilson’s first commercial venture. She has been a nursing practitioner since 2005 and has held positions in a birthplace in Springfield, Massachusetts and the Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities in Keene.

Wilson said she became passionate about holistic wellbeing a few years ago during her recovery from Lyme disease. While typical treatment for the disease often involves taking antibiotics, alternative methods such as herbal remedies have also been pursued.

“Through my healing, I have been brought to a more holistic, health-conscious recovery,” she said. “… I made my experience as a good model.”

This model prioritizes a patient’s emotional and nutritional well-being in addition to physical health, according to Wilson, a board-certified holistic health practitioner. However, she added that it is intended to complement, not replace, traditional medical care.

Restoring Eden offers a sauna, deep tissue massages, herbal remedies, long-term emotional coaching, and halotherapy – a scientifically unscientific salt-based treatment that some believe has numerous health benefits. The company, which has a large space that Wilson says small groups can keep social distance, also plans to offer yoga and group fitness sessions, and possibly add martial arts classes. She hopes to find a chiropractor, nutritionist, and acupuncturist too.

Currently, Restoring Eden only accepts customers – from people in recovery to people who want to stay healthy – by appointment, according to Wilson.

“I try to minimize how many people are in the room at the same time,” she said. “We are waiting for things to relax to the point of restrictions.”

She also plans a grand opening of the store on February 5, from 1pm to 5pm, when attendees can tour the facility and meet practitioners.